August 27, 2008

  • Cheerleading Skirts

    A high school in Greater Cincinnati has banned cheerleaders from wearing their uniforms to class because the skirts are too short.

    The school had a dress code that required all skirts to be no shorter than three inches above the knees.  So the rule was applied to cheerleading outfits. 

    The girls can wear the outfits if they wear “leggings or long shorts under the skirts.”

    Here is the link:  Link

    I still remember Angel Martin wearing her cheerleading outfit to class in 10th grade. 

    Do you think cheerleading outfits are too short for school?


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  • yes. our cheerleaders have their asses hanging out all the time. its like um. no.

  • no.
    thats what american cheerleading is all about m’dear :)

  • If the school allows for the outfit at a public event I don’t see why they object to it inside.

    Silly much?

  • I think they should go back to the old timey cheer uniforms that feature ankle-length skirts.  Just to give ‘em a challenge.

  • Hornets, that is my old high school’s  … wrong colors

  • yes. the whores of my school just use it to their advantage.

  • At my school, yes.  And it’s unfair that the cheerleaders are allowed to wear skimpier outfits to class than any other girls.

  • They’re way too short, but I wouldn’t ban it.

    How better to identify the girls you want to intellectually know than by how long their pants are and how high their necklines are?

    They make girls like me look really nice. :)

    But their skirts can be 3 inches above the knee? My school’s can be 6… heh..

  • my stupid high school did the same thing. I think it’s dumb. They made our girls wear pants over top. If it’s ok for a game, I say it’s ok for school. 

  • cheerleading is a silly concept 

  • yup….mine was WAYYYYYY to short…’s funny they can’t wear them to class but they can to games? Oh well.

  • Wait, the school is just fine with the outfits when these underage kids are shaking it for the old men in the bleachers, but NOT okay with the outfits when the girls are in classes held by the same school holding the games to begin with???


  • cheerleading skirts are definitely too short.

    hm, three inches above the knee? it is as long as the skirts are at fingertips or lower at my school.

  • Yes, they are way too short.  Then again, the outfits of the female players in the Olympic is even worst.  They were barely wearing anything.  More like a Thong.  Is that even legal to wear in public?

  • Yes.

    I don’t need to see some chicks ass hanging out when I’m walking down the hallway. 
    Makes me want to hurl.

  • @findingliberty - which sports do you specifically mean?

  • uh,, i dont think any activity wears their costume to class,,, do they?  hahahahahahahaha,,,, ive never seen a football uniform in class,,, have you?

  • Those s skirts were my favorite subject during senior year. Bummer

  • I don’t see the difference between a cheerleading skirt and a regular denim skirt.  Most denim skirts are probably shorter.  Not to mention some girls’ shorts.  So I don’t see it as a problem. If you’re gonna ban those, ban all the other ones too.

  • Definately. In high school, our cheerleaders’ skirts were always so short their asses would hang out… and if they weren’t short enough, the girls would roll them up at the waist so they would be shorter. Then, to cover their asses, they bought spankies that were covered in sequins… not exaclty school appropriate – not to mention that some of our cheerleaders did not have a body type that should not be exposing their asses in the first place…

  • man, what a stupid topic. it’s cheerleading. they’re supposed to be short. However, I don’t think they should wear them to class. That might not work too well. lmao

  • Yeah totally. Why should they be able to have them shorter? At least wear some shorts underneath. I like the old old skirts like from Grease, ya know the long ones? Those are classic.

  • @mejicojohn - at my high schools people always wore their uniform (just the top portion) to class whenever they had a game that day. Usually it was football players though. Sounds weird that people DON’T do that. Lol, I thought it was always a part of high school.

  • @mejicojohn - you see football jerseys all the time… 

    Yeah… cheerleading skirts tend to be short… but at least a lot of schools i know of anymore, have the girls order their own skirts- so the girls choose their length. Mine… is long (for a cheerleading skirt… still doesn’t quite fit our dress code.)

    But… uh… isn’t the whole intention of spankies to hide anything that could be seen under one of the crazy short skirts? 

  • It really depends on the school. When you order cheer uniforms they’re custom, so the length of the skirt just depends on the person who made the order. In middle school my cheer skirt went down in to knees. In high school my skirts ranged anywhere from lower-mid thigh to barely covering my ass. In college you could barely call them skirts.

    Though, to be fair, long skirts are actually quite dangerous when stunting or tumbling. And volleyball players only wear the things cheerleaders wear under their skirts.

  • i remember at my high school, the girls rolled the skirts up to a length of their liking, and then wore thongs underneath.
    i live in the city that is #1 in teenage pregnancy in california, btw.

    don’t they have special underwear/under suits or something for cheering in games?  certainly these girls aren’t cheering for the football team with thongs or regular underwear on underneath.  that means that during the time school is in session, they can wear thongs under their skanky length skirts to show their asses off to everyone who cares and doesn’t care to see, and then change right before the game.
    i’m pretty sure that’s how it worked at my school.

  • if the girls are allowed to wear them at sport events, they should be allowed in school as well

  • I am in Cincinnati, and I personally think that this is pathetic. I am not a person that believes that short skirts are a good idea, however I think that these girls have earned their right to wear their athletic uniform just like every other sports team in the High School. And I agree with one of the somments on for the article, if the skirts are long enough to be the assigned” uniform, then they should be long enough for classes.

  • No, I just remember cheerleaders’ legs being too long for their skirts.

  • Yes, they are.  Cheerleaders especially should be held to the rules, since they’re supposed to be setting an example, or whatever.  Yes, I realize that’s a bullshit excuse, but so is everything else that comes out of school policies…

  • The ones the girls wore at my school were short but they weren’t offensive… I guess if they’re getting complaints from students maybe tights underneath should be mandatory, but really they weren’t that bad as I recall.

    Now the skirts the girls from the nearby Catholic school wore were a whole other story

  • nope. 

    they’re just fine the way they are :P

  • @mkenyon719 - @my_trumpet_pwns_all - a jersey and a uniform are two different things,,, and i doubt the fact that there was a game was relevant,,, you would have to take it all off anyway to get dressed,,,  what you are suggesting would be the equivilant of a cheerleader wearing a dress blowse with a tie,,, and a cheerleader skirt,,, for the game,,, what kind of sense does that make???

    somebody up there said this was a stupid conversation,,, hahahahaha,,, good call.

  • Too much leg is so distracting…. MY ASS!!!! Who cares let them wear what they want. If they are still able to get the grades…

  • here all kids wear school uniforms,,, the best call,,, all kids are equal,,,

  • Dear Dan, I really want to buy the mug with your picture on it featured at the brain fried network and pictured on wherethefishlives xanga.


  • hell yeah.. there’s a reason why cheerleaders are always stereotyped/portrait as sluts/popular girls on tv and books..

  • No. Definitely not.

  • You know, I saw a porn flick that started off this way. They banned the cheerleader’s skirts for being to low. When the cheerleader’s went into the Principal’s office to convince him to lift the ban. I’m pretty sure you can guess what happens from there. If you can’t, I’ll tell you. They formed a very articulated argument against the policy and convinced the Principal to change his mind.

    To celebrate, they had a huge orgy in the girls locker room.

  • At my high school the skirts/shorts had to be an inch below your fingertips while you were standing straight so unless you had super long arms you were fine with almost whatever.

    As other’s have said, to have something banned at school but not at a school related event is weird.

  • Yes, they’re too short..  But too short for sporting events, as well.  If its too short for one thing, its too short for another.
    And as far the argument that thats what cheerleading is all about, goes? Its cheerleading, not Stripping 101. :)

  • hey, as long as they don’t get ugly cheerleaders trying out, it’s fine with me.

  • hahah thats funny because
    when i was in drill team
    our uniform were short and
    they had slits in them. LOL

  • it’s a kinda-sports uniform. how about volleyball shorts?

  • I really don’t care what people wear to class. As long as the board is straight ahead, I’m fine.

  • jesus

    where the hell do you come up with all these ideas for blogging from? you post like a million times a day every day. its nuts.

  • jesus

    where the hell do you come up with all these ideas for blogging from? you post like a million times a day every day. its nuts.

  • Well it’s only logical to have the rule apply to them as well. Just because they do a sport doesn’t mean they can’t CHANGE. Everyone else has to follow the rules. 

  • I say allow skirts to be as short as desired…but…bring back petticoats.

    We get freedom and class!

  • Do you think cheerleading outfits are too short for school?

    If there is a dress code, it’s best to consistent in its interpretation and enforcement. A provision for sports-releated uniforms would also be pretty reasonable.

    When I was in high school, I never thought much of the cheerleaders wearing their uniforms to class. For me, they were welcomed pep in the rather dull fashion landscpae.

  • There are some schools in our state that make the girls wear leggins under their outfits during the school day.  That is an easy way to deal w/ the too short problem.

  • yes….but that’s what makes it hot

  • Yup.  They should at least be up to code.

  • hello it’s cheerleading… even ping pong in olympics is moving on to skirts… and what’s more when it’s being compared with beach volleyball?

  • A lot of girls at my school wear their uniforms that short, or shorter, and get away with it. Granted, a lot of them wear really short shorts underneath, or like spandex bike shorts or something, but not all of them. I’ve seen a fair number of girls’ underwear. You look at them differently when you know what kinda stuff they wear … >_<

  • Yeah they are. I think it’s good that the compromised and let them wear leggings or shorts underneath so they can still wear their uniform.

  • If the skirts are too short for school, why aren’t they too short for the sporting events???

  • This puritanical self-image just doesn’t fit the world view…..

  • Does it really matter? We all know the guys’ll be trying to get a peek under them anyway.

  • I’m not sure that I’ve ever been attracted to a cheerleader, so the length of their skirts have never been an issue for me.

  • they never distracted me

  • Like fullmetalbunny said, it’s a bit hypocritical to allow cheerleading
    in general (basketball court, football field, etc) and to prohibit the
    uniforms from being worn in class.

    If they can be seen like that during a game, then class should be no different.. and at my high school, players and cheerleaders would come dressed to class. Some schools do, some don’t.

    I don’t think anything should be done to the lengths of cheerleading skirts. What matters is how the person wearing the skirt carries herself.

  • needs to be shorter.

  • Such dress codes are quite stupid.

  • They did that in my high school, too.

    And tennis.  And field hockey.  And every other sport where skirts are involved.

  • i think that they should be banned!  and i think that they’re even questionable during sporting events…slutty much!?  I don’t particularly want to see a group of girls arses all the time!

  • Yeah, and not just cheerleaders’ skirts, but normal ones I see in school these days, too.

  • Although I wouldn’t mind girl’s asses hanging out (well…it depends), it’d pose too much of a distraction. I’ve never seen a girl wear a skirt that showed her ass but only once…and it was sexy and disturbing at the same time.

    I don’t think they’re that bad as long as the chicks aren’t going commando, but if it causes too much of a distraction then yes, I do think cheerleading outfits are too short for school.

  • @kaitlyn_in_wonderland - As opposed to the venomous bitches who use puritanical regulation to their advantage?

  • Ya every school should have their own dress code.

  • God made tennis skirts for a motherfucking reason.

  • nah, i don’t see a problem.

    but then again, by nature i’m like “let’s expose everything but our coochies!” so i don’t think i’m the best judge

  • Every school dress code I’ve ever seen extended to school sanctioned outings or events. This is where the problems arise. You can’t really tell cheerleaders or the pom squad that they can’t wear their uniforms to the football game. You can’t take the band to a camp for a week and tell them they can’t wear swimsuits or tank tops. It makes no sense. I loved my high school principal. She said, “I don’t care if you come to school wearing nothing but bandaids as long as you’re covered and your butt is at a desk.”

  • Meh.  You can wear a swimsuit to a swim meet, but you can’t wear it in class.  I don’t really care either way. 

  • Yup..I don’t want to see another woman’s panties.

    No thank you.

    But the skirts are still cute

  • Yeah, they were against the dress code at my school when I went to highschool too, but the girls still wore them because the code wasn’t enforced very strictly. But the more modest of them would wear the winter cheerleading pants under the skirt part anyway. I don’t really think it is that big of a deal really as long as they are wearing the spankies underneathe and the skirts are as long as in that picture and not like RIDICULOUSLY short lol.

  • I definitely think they are too short, but if they’re okay to wear to games in front of tons of strangers and show everything they have (or think they have) then they should be allowed to wear them to classes. The school isn’t being consistent in my opinion.

    But personally, I think the skirts should have to be to their knees. lol A little modesty for children, please.

  • Nope, not at all. If they are long enough to be presented in front of your school and a neighboring one then they should be able to worn around school. But honestly, the cheerleaders at our school wear their sweats to school on cheer days. And that looks fine to me. School classrooms are too cold to wear skirts.


  • Haha, that’s weird to me.  My school never had cheerleaders…or football.  And thank goodness for that!

  • I think they are too short all together. 

  • no.  they can wear them on the court (within the school building usually) and be thrown up in the air for everyone to see everything…  why can’t they sit in a desk with them on?

  • Silly silly silly. If they can wear them to school sanctionad games they can wear them to classs. Pluss lets not forget they wear “bloomers” on top of their underwaear. Sounds like another stupid double standard to me.

  • I don’t see the need for uniforms as it is.  In my high school, some three billion years ago, the school system tried to implement a uniform policy across the board and it took the willpower of the parents to knock it out of the air.  That’s right, my parents are ethical terrorists.  Sigh.

  • I think most of the everyday outfits girls wear are a bit risque for school.

  • So, the school chooses and pays for the outfits, but doesn’t want them worn in class.

    “You can look Lolita on the field, girls, but don’t bring that inside, the is a house of learning!”


  • i’m more concerned about her hair. the dark with the blonde looks bad

  • “My dear, I don’t give a damn”–Rhett Butler  (what would he think of the outfits??) (Giggles)

  • I don’t like cheerleaders.  They are wanna-be gymnsts who lack talent and like to yell. 

  • At games and practices where they’re cheering… it’s fine.  If it’s in class, it’d probably be a big distraction.  Besides, it would be unfair to non-cheerleaders who want to wear skirts that short, but aren’t allowed to! 

  • I was a cheerleader in high school and we couldnt wear our skirts either for the same reason. My all star cheerleading skirt was even shorter. it never bothered me that we couldnt wear them.

  • My younger daughter is now a sophomore in high school.  She’s been a cheerleader every since kindergarten.  Fortunately we live in a school district where they don’t allow them to get TOO short but for the ones that are similar to the image you posted, they’re required to ‘biker-type’ bloomer shorts underneath.  My daughter has said there’s been a problem about hers.

    I have noticed, however, how the boys just can’t seem to hang on to their pocket change when the cheerleaders walk by!  lol  

  • As long as the cheerleaders are wearing the bloomers, then I don’t see a problem really.  Then they are really covered in all the essential places.  But really then it might seem unfair to the other girls that want to wear skirts that aren’t part of the uniform.  Still I think it’s up to the school and what they are comfortable with having in their class rooms.

  • i went to highschool in belgium where there were worse thing worn. so no one paid that much attention to the cheer uniforms.  of course i always prefered to wear the cheer pants under mine when i was in class because i didn’t like going to school in basically underwear lol

  • This one kills me

    “My daughter comes home from school that day and said the girls were broken hearted. They feel like they are being stripped of everything they have earned,” Ihle said.”

    They were basically stripped anyways, right? Lol.

    But seriously, I’ve always believed that anyone who complains about cheerleaders is just jealous because they can’t be one.

    and, FWIW, the cheerleaders at my HS were never allowed to wear their uniforms. At my sisters HS, Football, Basketball and Soccer players were allowed to wear their uniforms only on gamedays. That makes sense, right?

  • at my school you could see the spankies through the inch slit up the side of the skirt..they were wayyyyyyy too short

  • Yes.

    But I have never liked cheerleaders nor have I ever understood the point of cheerleaders.


  • Angel, huh?

    Yeah, I think it would be a good idea to throw some leggings on underneath. . .so as to prevent distraction.

  • I think cheerleading outfits should be banned in general. Who came up with the idea that it would be a great idea for girls to jump around and spread their legs out in provocative positions while wearing a skirt? Probably the grandfather of whoever invented porn.

  • No! At our school our sports teams as well as many clubs wear something to show unity when it’s a big day for them. Our teams wear their jerseys when they have a game, clubs wear their shirts if they’re going to do something big/have a competition or whatever…cheerleading should be not excluded from that. 

  • but wouldn’t it be funnier to wear leggings inside? o_O

  • Ours are way shorter than allowed. Our skirts and shorts have to hit our knees and you can usually see their asses. 

  • I don’t know, in high school I never had the good fortune of sitting across from a cheerleader.

    Actually, I think that if the school provides it as a uniform then it is automatically exempted from any and all dress codes.  That being said though, I do know that in my high school at least some of the cheerleaders wore their skirts above their hips when they were designed to ride on the hips.

  • Our rule is arm’s length (fingertips when the arms at at the sides), but few people follow that. Hey, dress code also says no halters or tube tops but you see them around all the time too. Our cheerleader’s have pretty long skirts though, I think they might actually fit with the 3 inches above the knee rule.

  • they are too short period.  isn’t a game a school function?  dress codes apply to school functions, so wouldn’t the outfit be too short for that too?

  • The school I went to made you wear shorts that were no more than 3 inches above your knees but the cheerleaders still could wear their uniforms to class.  It didn’t bother me.  If I didn’t want to see it I wouldn’t look.  It didn’t bother me that they could wear the short skirts and I couldn’t.  I didn’t want to wear something that short anyway.  I was always in pants.  My question if it is ok to wear out in public where they represent the school to others why isn’t it ok for them to wear it in the school?  The school is who makes them wear it (at least the cheerleader coach person) so if they are allowed to wear it while representing the school in front of tons of people that don’t go to the school they should be able to wear it at school.

  • Cheerleading skirts are probably longer than what girls at my school wear.

    That photo reminds me of the cheer from Speak..we are the Hornets, the horny horny Hornets..which is kind of ironic.

  • The Chearleaders wearing their uniforms to class made class a little more tolerable that day.

  • I was a cheerleader in high school and I’ll admit that I was proud to wear my uniform on game days. Our skirts were a bit longer than theirs and met the schools policy for skirt/short length. We had to wear a turtleneck under our shell (the top of the uniform) though as the front plunged slightly.

    Also for the record most schools have their cheerleaders wear what are called “bloomers” or “spankies” underneath their uniform which are boy bottomed shorts. These aren’t far off from what some H.S. volleyball teams wear for shorts. It isn’t like their underwear is hanging out.

    I feel that if these skirts are too short for school then they shouldn’t be able to wear them at events either. They should consider redesigning the uniform or making an exception for their uniform within the school policy.

  • My school doesn’t really have a dress code. 

  • @mejicojohn - Actually a lot of them do, it depends on what part of the US you’re from though I suppose. At my old high school (in Minnesota) a lot of teams would wear part of their uniform or a designated color to represent game day. Especially the football players and cheerleaders. Also a lot of our clubs would wear their shirts if they had a big event coming up. For example I was on our knowledge bowl team and we all had long sleeved black t-shirts that we would wear the day of or the day before a meet.

  • If that’s too short to go to school in, why are they approved for the field?  Is it because if you’re in the nosebleed seats you can’t see anything anyway?  Haha

  • Yes. At my old highschool, the girls used the uniforms to show off even more…. like, we had a fingertip length rule for skirts, but cheerleaders uniforms didn’t count in that… so the cheerleaders would shorten their skirts, or pull them up even higher…half the time you could see their butt cheeks…and it was NOT appealing.

  • I think cheerleaders are annoying. They’d be even more annoying if they wore their outfit to class.

  • What’s everyone got against ass anyways?

  • No. the girls at my schools dont have asses hanging out of theirs anyway.

  • Very yes.  I’m actually on the Song team (dancing cheerleader) and I was told that the school can’t dresscode how short skirts are, since the school can’t dresscode sports uniforms.

  • Not if I’m teaching in them!

  • @CoffeeRevolutionary - How is yours?

  • Don’t they tend to wear shorts underneath?

  • they seem to have gotten a LOT shorter over the years…The cheerleaders at my daughters school look like sluts-The skirts are more like wide belts, and their boobs  are falling out . its really gross.

  • I think its fine as long as its on game days

  • I think the double standard definitely highlights the contrasting standards of our society.

    School officials can probably hide behind the fact that the restrictions during class are intended to prevent distractions, whereas that doesn’t matter during an athletic event, where in fact the cheerleaders are supposed to attract attention.

    My wife teaches at a high school, and we’ve been to some of the football and basketball games. I have to turn my head during certain cheerleading routines. I don’t want people to think that I’m staring at some 16-year-old cheerleader’s crotch (if it’s hard to cover it during math class, it’s impossible to cover when you’re holding your leg over your head).

    So, yeah, I think they’re too short, but that’s just my opinion. I say let the parents and administrators decide.

  • I think they shouldn’t be worn to class..period.

  • Considering the dress code does apply at school, it should also apply to cheerleaders–good god, at my school you could literally see the ass cheeks of the cheerleaders when they had on a backpack, bent over, or moved at all from an upright position…and these were not attractive cheerleaders.

  • Its about time. I hate the fact that the cheerleaders dont have to follow the dress code like the rest of us. I wish they did that at my school

  • What if the girls have really really high knees?

  • I think it sets a bad example to other kids and I think they should be banned period. I think they should be no shorter than three inches both off the field and on the field

  • I dont think they are to short, infact i think they should be shorter.

  • they couldnt wear the skirts at my high school either unless they wore sweat pants under them. I think it was kind of stupid but whatever, administration does what they want.

  • Yes, I think that cheerleader’s uniforms should be changed, even if they do wear lollies underneath. What business do underage girls have showing that much flesh? I might be only 24, but I find it shocking what tweens and teenagers who are underage wear- and half the time their parents seem to have no problem with it!

  • As long as you can not s e there panties  when the walk or sit I think they should let them wear there cheerleading uniform during school.

  • They should allowed to wear there cheerleading uniform in school as long as you can not see there panties wen they walk or sit.

  • As long as you can not see there panties when they walk or sit I think it should be fine to let them wear them durring school

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