June 22, 2013

  • Ex-Gay Pride Month

    July is Ex-Gay Pride Month. It is the month for people who were once gay but are now straight (Apparently they are a persecuted group). Here is the link: Link


    If you think about it, people have changes in their taste all the time.

    Is it possible for a person’s sexual orientation to change over time?

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  • Sexuality is a sliding scale and more over is in fact fluid. It can shift over time and it does in some people, but any shifting that does occur sure isn’t because of so-called ex-gay “therapy.” That’s all a major sham. Unless, of course, you call forced sex with the opposite sex therapy (I call that rape) and also if you refer to electrocution as “therapy” (I call that assault with a deadly weapon). 

    I’d be willing to bet my life savings that the people Christard hate groups such as FFF and FRC get to say they are “ex-gay” are nothing more than paid actors who happen to agree with these groups’ agendas and accept money for it. If one’s sexuality is going to slide, it’s going to be on one’s own accord, not because of some barbaric “therapy” or because their non-existent “God” or whatever made it happen. 

    ALL THAT SAID, one does not choose one’s sexual orientation. That’s impossible. It’s no more possible to choose who you are sexually attracted to than it is to choose your eye or natural hair color. 

  • Want to know who is a persecuted group? Asexuals(Aces). To the straight majority we don’t qualify for them because we aren’t straight. To the LGBT community who actually knows something about this, we don’t qualify to be included in the LGBT club because we don’t experience sexual attraction. So it’s like, okay so we’re completely on our own here? Yeah thanks people.

  • To some people it’s a choice to others it’s not. I can’t choose to be a lesbian and my friend can’t choose to be straight. It’s just the way we both are. Some people seem to be able to go back and I’m not sure if that’s some sort of bi-sexuality or what. I have no idea, not making a claim. I just think some people can and some people can’t. 

  • @Shadowrunner81 - I’m sorry asexuals experience such persecution. People just don’t understand. It’s an idea that is over their heads because it doesn’t seem “normal” to them. I’ve been curious about asexuality myself. I don’t pretend to understand it besides the definition.

  • As we all know anyone can create a website and say whatever they want on it. I’m referring to the link you posted. It sounds like a mockery (though I could be wrong) but I’ll play…. 

    Yes we should also allow people who were once gay and now are not to get married….as soon as we allow gays to get married. I think the expression is “Take a number and get on line.”

  • I think one day, people will be able to transcend labels and just content themselves with who they are at any given moment, be it man, woman, straight, gay, butter side up, butter side down, purple, etc.

  • Sexual sin is sexual sin regardless of who a person is attracted to. Homosexuals battle Lusts of the flesh no more or less than hetrosexuals. 
    I think one of the real crimes that transpires is that we are using this to define us as people. 

    I’d like to think of gays and straits as people who deal with issues… not issues themselves. 

  • Well, I’ve always been sexually orientated. Especially towards the Orient, but that is another story.

  • Dick: “I’m gay.”

    Tom: ”You aren’t, you just think you are. Homosexuality is ______ ” (wrong, sinful, disgusting, pick any adjective)

    Dick “Who are you to tell me what my sexuality is? It’s my own, and you don’t have any say in the matter, you intolerant asshole!”


    Next day-

    Harry: ”I used to be gay, but now I’m not”

    Dick “YES YOU ARE! Don’t believe the lies! You’re still gay!”

  • I wish gays, “x” or otherwise, would just spare the rest of the world the travails of their sexual disorder.

    Let’s all just talk about the weather why don’t we?

  • that title didn’t sound right to me.

  • I was a sexual deviant, and now I’m not, so yes, tastes can change.  I was a sadomasochist.  It is a mental disorder because it’s dangerous.

  • It’s always a choice.  No one was made into a robot.

  • @secretbeerreporter - I’m attracted to a dictator.  It defies all logic.  He’s free now, but that doesn’t mean anything.  Alas.

  • And on that note, GAY PRIDE WEEK kicked off yesterday in TORONTO and it runs June 21-30th

  • I’m not going to claim that I’m right or anything (My views are only a reflection of what I’ve seen and learned), but I will share my opinion

    I think…
    People do not and cannot choose if they are straight are gay (Or anything along the spectrum of LGBTQQ and aces.. and everything else that might not fall into those columns)

    It’s possible as teens/young adults to think they are one orientation and as they grow older and learn more about themself, realize they are something else.

    Kids who initially identified as straight may realize they’re gay, kids who thought they were bisexual are actually straight, etc. Any combination is possible.

    I don’t think at your core you can alter your sexuality, or receive therapy and become straight. It’s certainly possible to choose to live a certain way (say, have heterosexual relationships), but I don’t think you can choose who you’re attracted to. And for the record, I’m completely in support of people living out and proud.

  • Human sexual orientation  is complex and its expression is probably (note the probably) focused very early in life by individual perceptions and experiences. We are born with primitive physical sexual drive which does not fully manifest itself before adolescence, but which certainly colors our early life as does our life experience. 

    Once orientation is fixed, it’s highly improbable that it can be re-focused.

  • Whole lotta theorizing goin’ on! The striking thing to me is that it would seem that for some people, sexuality in any form or orientation is seemingly seen as something to be publicly “celebrated”, which is double-speak for flaunted. I think the most overlooked, almost invisible minority in terms of sexualilty has become those who celebrate their sexualilty privately instead of making it street biz. We’d all be better off without everyone else’s sex in our face.

  • I think tastes change, but I don’t believe that you can have your sexual orientation changed. 
    @Shadowrunner81 - I’m sorry you and other asexuals experience such persecution. I hope that it changes soon for you and others.

  • Has there ever been any straight people who became gay?  Seems like that if gay people can become straight than the opposite should be true as well.

  • @Super_Rob_of_the_Sky - We’ll know when you finally come out. Take your time. I suppose it’s a hard thing to do, perhaps.

  • @AOK4WAY - More like it’s stupid religitarded prudes like you who want to make religion the law of the land and suppress totally NORMAL, NATURAL acts. We are the only species that doesn’t have sexual relations in public, and it’s because of stupid people like you who are all “grossed out” or whatever by it. 

    Sex should be publicly celebrated, and “flaunted” if you will. There should be no prohibition on having sexual relations in public. As I said, every other animal does it. There’s nothing wrong with it at all. 

  • I have no idea if it’s possible. Whatever one’s reason for changing sides, who can say what is occurring within them from an outside perspective?
    If there is confusion within them, be glad it’s not yours or a lifelong struggle you have to deal with.

    I would hate having to change my orientation because I felt it was wrong, It cannot be an easy life so cut them some slack.

  • @Super_Rob_of_the_Sky - I’m kinda gay for Isla Fisher.

  • Sexuality is fluid. That being said, there are sexualities that are all-encompassing, and I don’t think you can ever be “ex-gay”. If you were gay once, it will always be a part of you, even if you no longer are attracted to men. 

    I also think identification as “ex-gay” is silly…I mean…why wouldn’t you just say straight? Or, technically, anything other than gay can be ex-gay…bisexual, pansexual, asexual, heterosexual, etc.

  • Actually, my best friend of 27 years is an EX-gay. When I first met him, we were both 22 and he had just been kicked out of a Christian College for homosexual behavior. He needed a place to stay, I needed a roommate. What we got was a friendship that has both changed, challenged and transformed the both of us. My friend is now married (18 years) and has 3 beautiful children. He works as a Worship leader at a church… which knows about his past and accepts him for who he is.

    My friend’s transformation was not over night. It wasn’t easy. And it only came about because he’d been challenged to take the claims of Christianity seriously. Both from the College and from myself. He recognized that his sin was one of choice… and he actively worked to change those sinful patterns of behavior. It’s the same that any person would have to do in respect to ANY sin we face…. gluttony, theft, lying, homosexuality…. you name it.  It starts with simply being honest and actually facing that we do sin, that we’re prone to sin, and that God’s help is necessary if we’re ever to break the pattern of sin.  As Paul said:

    No temptation has come upon you except that which is common to all men, and God is faithful, he will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able to bear.  (1 Corinthians 10:13)

    And as John has followed up to say:

    If we confess our sins, God is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and cleanse us from their unrighteous stains.  (1 John 1:9)

    My friend is EX-gay. He lived the gay lifestyle for 5 years prior to his conversion to Christ. And in the 27 years since then he’s never once regretted making the change.

  • People can make decisions and choices as they wish.  If a person has chosen to be gay, that person can choose otherwise.  As far as being a persecuted group, I can believe that – because for any gay person to imply that he is doing his own will is highly offensive to those who want to dictate (as “fact”) otherwise.

  • @AOK4WAY - So? Sex is normal and natural. We’re THE ONLY species who has sex in private. Young children being exposed to sex isn’t going to hurt them at all (unless they are being forced to engage in it) and hell, probably see animals having sex on a regular basis (thinking of zoo trips, people who breed cats and dogs, etc.). There is no evidence to suggest that it would be harmful to their development. Animals in the wild are all the time and they turn out fine, don’t they? Yeah, that’s what I thought. 

    As always, your objections are rooted in RELIGION. Everything you object to is because of your belief in a fictional being. You can’t come up with any secular reasons against what I have stated, so your argument is nil. 

  • @secretbeerreporter - Nothing I could have said would have made my point better! I hope that the parents reading these comments are listening closely to what you said and that your friends are smart enough to keep their children away from you until you get some sense. Do you see that slippery slope we’ve stepped out onto in this country yet, parents? Take your kids for a walk in the park, run, play, watch some good hardcore sex.

    You don’t have to be religious to have a little self respect and respect for the people around you. If you can’t celebrate sex at home, you sure ain’t gonna get it right in the park. If you can, why do you feel a need to put it in someone else’s face? Maybe you should just give up and take lots of cold showers. If that doesn’t do the trick for ya, just hang out at your neighborhood dog park. But stay away from the kids.

  • @secretbeerreporter - You don’t have to be religious to have a little self respect and respect for the people around you.

  • @Shadowrunner81 - plus, they always try to pressure us into getting married and having kids.  It’s like, I’m asexual.  I don’t care for those things.

  • @secretbeerreporter -  I actually think it hurt my development not being exposed to sex.  I thought I was going to die if I had it and be buried in the sun.  I had a complicated delusion.  I’ve been oppressed.  It’s why I guess I’m into a senior citizen.

  • Whie I guess that it’s
    *possible* to change your sexual orientation, I’ve yet to read of someone who
    was gay / had same-sex attractions that is now 100% straight – aka “no longer
    has those attractions anymore.”  (Can’t wait to read all the links to
    those testimonials – if there are any) 

    Also -
    to the article’s point about discrimination against ex-gays: I
    believe the group needs to redirect their efforts towards education on what it
    means to respect people’s personal choices rather than “raising awareness of the
    ever-increasing phenomenom of ex-gays and former homosexuals” if they want to
    be successful.  I have a real problem
    with this movement, though – it essentially implies that being gay is NOT okay &
    that these people (ex-gays) find it so wrong & shameful that they are
    willing to try reprogramming their entire brain (a long, torturous process
    according to everyone I’ve read about who’s tried) in order to be cured….and
    that we should be proud of them for that. 
    It is pretty much the antithesis of the whole gay rights movement.  

  • @youthinasia613 - I agree wityh the first part of your comment, but I’d like to share my own views <– click me relating to the second half with you, and if you’d be kind enough to leave a comment and let me know what you think after reading it, I’d appreciate it. Peace

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