June 23, 2013

  • The Best Year of Xanga

    Sometimes you will read on xanga as someone describes a better time on xanga.  Some people will talk about xanga before it got popular.  Others will talk about the good old days when xanga was at its most popular point. 

    Still others liked xanga after it declined in popularity because they feel like all the “stupid people left.”  
    It is funny because I recently started a group on facebook called “xangaforever” and we quickly had 1000 members.  So many of the people that left are on that group.  It reminded me of people I missed but also reminded me of the “stupid people” that left.
    I loved the years 2005 because it was so active on xanga but I also remember the trolls were really horrible back then.
    What was the best time of your stay on xanga?

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  • there are still a lot of stupid people here. that’s why there are so few actual thought provoking posts now and mostly YOLO bullfeces and datingish drama. 

  • I hope I don’t fall into that “stupid people who left” group :)

  • Why would anyone wish for the past? That’s the only impossible dream.

    I feel like, if I didn’t bring you into my present, stay in my past. I’m good with now.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7qcFCTa1vw
    werd. Maybe this time frame can be the good old days at some point because I like Xanga now

  • xanga has been there whether or not i used it often.  so all 8 years! 2005-2013.  :,(

  • I loved 2005. It was the year I was most active here, and when I felt closest to my Xanga friends. But it was also the year MySpace started stealing everyone, and by 2006 most of the people I knew here had abandoned Xanga for that horrible, horrible site.

    I also liked 2009. That was the year I came back to Xanga, and even though it felt different and I didn’t know anyone, I liked what it had become, with a lot of people posting more audience/feedback-friendly posts (as opposed to the mundane “I saw my friends, we ate at a restaurant” posts that used to dominate Xanga but are now more common on FB and Twitter). That format made it a lot easier to discover complete strangers here, whereas I used to only blog for people I already knew, or friends of friends.

  • 2005, 2006, and 2007

  • 2005-2007.  Somewhere in there.

  • Last year. 2012. Best year here by far.

  • I’ve enjoyed all my years on xanga. I’d have to say 2008 was probably my best writing.

  • 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2012, and this year.

  • 2006 was my only full year on Xanga the first go round and 2012 will be my only full year on Xanga the second go round. I guess that means it is a tie between those two years.

  • I love xanga, all the time.

  • 33 A.D.  I loved when Jesus used to post on here. Then I heard he was killed and rose from the dead.

  • That year where the thing happened.

    That was great.

  • I remember back in 2005 it was really easy for me to rack up 200+ comments in a day. Of course, the front page was also overwhelmed with amateur (often underage) porn, so that was pretty shitty. Frankly, 2010-2011 were good years since it was still active, but small enough to form actual relationships.

  • It was really hard for me to adjust to their new interface, so actually, I feel that my favorite Xanga period was around 2005 as well.

  • I have difficulty connecting events or experiences to years. Idk, I think almost the whole time I’ve been here has been great, but that’s only since 2007 so what do I know? :P

  • 2011-2012. i joined in 2009 and though it became a massive part of my life this place was so destructive until 2011. 

  • Right now is the best. 

  • Xanga all the time,   I left to try out other sites and somehow Team Xanga and the people who use Xanga brought me back to carry on using this site.

    Xanga for me is one of the best blogging websites,  and maybe the best social site.   You don’t hear much about Xanga in the news these days,  it all about Twitter, Facebook and maybe Google+ (but have not heard much about Google+ lately)  Myspace rarely but a lot in 2005-2008.

  • I joined 2010, so I guess 2011 was the best for me.

  • I joined when I was in high school (I guess around 2004?)  and I have had a great time here ever since.  I guess I’d say probably around 09-10 were my more active years here.

  • I joined in 2004 but 2005-2007 were the best for me.

  • Xanga?
    You mean this isn’t MySpace?!

  • the best year has been this year and I hope it will continue.

    I didn’t know you have your own site -I’ll have to check it out.

  • Xanga used to feature my pics all the time on the front. That was my favorite year – I think it was 2007

  • Random props was the best.

  • For  me, 05-07. The days of HardestLevel and Mancouch were my favorite though.

  • I liked Xanga qhen Wherethefishlives and AvenueToTheReal were still around the best. :) Kind of my happiest memories are from that time. I was happy in my life and also most of my friends were still around and blogging. I also got a top blog for the first time ever and felt like I had been made or something xD 

  • I have been on here forever, but the year I went to the houston meet and by chance ran into you guys at the black lab was my favorite. I was just really getting to know some people on here.

  • 2004 was a fun time. It was the first social networking site that my school ever had to deal with, a lot of my friends were on it back then. My principal of my school looked us all up on Xanga and called us into the office one by one to tell us we were putting too much information out on the internet and that people could use it to kill us. Or something along that line. Our parents were called and I was told to remove my blog…I refused. I told my principal word for word that 

    “I’m old enough to make a website and post naked pictures of myself and charge for people to view it but you think I shouldn’t write about how much I love my boyfriend on a little blog? Seriously?” 

    He still called my parents and my parents then thought I had a secret porn site. I didn’t…I was just referencing how stupid he was. It didn’t stop me from blogging and it hasn’t stopped the whole world from having Facebook. I’d love to remind him that once upon a time he said that. I think I’ll send him a message on Facebook right now… *maniacal laugh*

  • before the “ish” sites. whatever time that was. But I’ve always been a silent community observer anyway, so it hasn’t changed


    much for me, I guess. 

  • I joined in 2005, got to know you, Dan, almost right away.  But I would have to say that my best year would have been 2008 (When I decided to leave America and become a Missionary in Taiwan… all the posts that year chronicle my marriage, and activities towards moving)  and 2009 when I found my voice as an active Christian apologist.  Ehrinn_l@Xanga says that the whole tone of my blogging nearly changed overnight as I went from personal blogs to expositional blogging during the course of that year.  Definitely some of my best stuff followed…. and may actually wind up in printed form, believe it or not!

  • When I first joined it was about the second year that was my best year on here. Then I got lost in real life and couldn’t really blog anymore. I’ve since been on WordPress, but am looking to cross post here and there for the sake of keeping my Xanga. 

  • around 2007-2008 I think

  • I say 2006. Sign-in lock changed the game, but for the better.

  • I enjoyed quietly watching everything transpire as the years went by.

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