June 25, 2013

  • Your Last Xanga Post

    I have noticed that some people are planning their last xanga post.  A few people have posted about it.

    Have you planned your last xanga post?

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  • No, but I am sure it will be sensational. 

  • probably scat porn 

  • I’m hoping that won’t be necessary!

  • not thinking that far in advance. Enjoying the moment that is.

  • I was going to say goodbye and tell people what I thought of them, good and bad. Then I decided to only tell the “good” and the Hell with the bad ones. They aren’t worth the effort.

  • I’ve had my last post up since my 10th Xanga anniversary last year. I wasn’t really planning on it being my last ever post, but it seems fitting enough.

  • Nope! Not planning it until/unless I have to! 

  • I’ve thought about it. I don’t know if I will write it or not.

  • I need to think about that…damn.

  • I’ve given it a passing thought, but haven’t planned anything. Seedsower, angi1972, murisopsis and I will all be together in northern Michigan on July 15 so we might collaborate on something to mark the end of the original Xanga era.

  • So long, and thanks for all the fish.

  • Someone else asked me that and my answer was no, I haven’t even thought about it yet.

  • The supposed end of xanga looks like your daily bread. I do not like much this.deadly topic.

  • we should do another post where we guess something of mine. We’ve already done nationality and weight 

  • I keep you informed the “replies” dont arrive to me . I do not like this bfeature . If you want to reply , make it on my site.

  • First post? Last Post? This is a thought pattern common to most humans. Humans think that the dimension of time some how passes away once we have gone by a particular point! All our yesterdays still exist! They exist in an eternity of time. The dimension of time does not “disappear” any more than the other 3 dimensions disappear – we just can’t go backwards in time!

    Its like flowing down the Mississippi in a boat without oars! Just because we have floated past St. Louis and can never get back there – does not mean that St. Louis does not exist anymore. Just that we cannot get back!

    Each moment in the past still exists! We are alive then as we are now. The mere fact that we have life and had life gives us eternal life in those past moments and these.

    Humans are so silly!

  • classy nude pics of myself in a top hat

  • @godfatherofgreenbay - Go Planter’s Peanut with a monocle and cane. Spats too.

  • Nope. I don’t think I’ve been on here long enough to post anything meaningful about it haha oh well.

  • I posted my last entry a few weeks ago and then I started to miss Xanga and resumed posting like normal. At this rate, my last post is going to be about how broke I am and how bad my life sucks. “Why won’t she call me back?” seems like a nice title for an entry, eh? 

  • I haven’t given it any thought. A simple farewell will probably suffice, assuming that the people who actually enjoy me and what I do will follow me on WordPress. 

  • @slmret - too bad it already is three weeks 30,000 good luck

  • Is xanga going somewhere??

  • when’s the last day to post??

  • I think I probably already posted it.

  • I typed up my last post a few years ago in case I either ended my time on Xanga or the site shut down. I’m just gonna time stamp that sucker on the last day.

  • Yes, but it may not be posted on xanga, so does that still make it the last post? 

  • @sleepdrinkrepeat - You’re kidding right? You haven’t heard the news about Xanga? Link Come to think about it, Xanga STILL hasn’t sent out a global message yet. 

  • I really think people are a bit pre-emptively jumping ship right now..

  • I agree with Michel. Why prepare for such a thing?

  • About 20 times over the last 10 years… planned who I was going to skewer for being absolute dicks, and end off with some nudity. 

  • I’m with the Donkey Guy on this one…..however I do not have anything planned.

  • Yes, and it’s something nobody is going to see coming. Looks like it’s going to happen too, if it wasn’t for the $10,000 donation you dumped onto Xanga (at least you’d be the first one I’d think of to do such a thing!) they wouldn’t even be to $20,000 with over half of the alloted time expired. 

  • Dear Dan,

    I’ll be creating a module to float above my posts, with links to my FB wall and website. Those links are already on my blog, but are hidden amongst all the graphics and links. Before I leave Xanga, my blog’s interface will look a lot cleaner, and I’ll remove all the videos and website graphics links. From what I understand, my blog will be ported over to the new server if Xanga survives, since I’m a paid lifetime premium member. I just won’t be able to edit it. I do have to find out if I can delete it, which I may want to do after I’m established at Creative Cloud. By far the best solution for me at this point (and one about which I’m pretty excited) is going to cost about $50.00 a month. Adobe Creative Cloud includes website hosting, 20GB of cloud storage (upgradeable) and access to every program in Creative Suite (a $2500.00 program) including Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, and even Dreamweaver, which is the program I used to create my personal website back in 2003!It’ll be like having complete creative control over all my content,without having to worry about the nuts and bolts of coding. Michael F. Nyiri, poet, philosopher, fool

  • I used to plan but then realized that my best-laid ones often went astray.

  • Planned and executed.

  • @soullfire no I wasn’t kidding. I’d stopped using for awhile and just started up again. I did some research after I read this, but found out through this post.

  • I think my last post is the one I’m sticking with.  I feel like my xanga over all was depressing, and I think the last one I posted sheds a new light on my outlook, and is indicative of my new beginning.

    I was never a heavy user anyway, and probably for good reason.  I don’t think a lot of people needed to read my xanga, and I don’t think I had too much to say.

  • Probably just a goodbye and some contact info. Nothing particularly special.

  • I actually did a “last post” a while back, (things went down on Xanga xD) So it was my first vlog back then… But now, most of my good friends saw me on video so I dunno xD But let’s hope it doesn’t come to that :/ 

  • Um…. No.

    I’m still in denial. I’m not thinking about “the end”. Just enjoying the now.

  • I thought about it

  • i haven’t thought on it….

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  • I started thinking about that today, actually. Now that I realize that July is so close…

  • You mean a last post on July 14th?  that would be the equivalent of December 21, 2012 in Xangaville.  But the Mayans were wrong, and perhaps Xanga would prevail after the 15th. 

  • It’ll probably be hilarious

  • Curiously since all Xanga can do is ban a member, I suspect strongly there will be quite a few lewd and rude remarks and posts with just a bit more than a simple thumbing-of-the-nose to the staff at Xanga in the upcoming 20-days remaining.

    Much like rowdy and unruly kids at Elementary – hyperactive on the last day of school and proceed to trash out all the classes, bathrooms, and hallways with their unfinished homework, toilet paper, and graffiti.

  • The thought has honestly never entered my mind.  Trying to be optimistic here.

  • My last post is coming up soon, but I’m not going to do a big goodbye. It’s going to be just like any other post.

  • I really hope that Xanga can continue to live on, so I will remain optimistic and hopeful.

    Maybe I will write an actual farewell post? I guess I’ll see what July 13 looks like and then go from there.

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