December 4, 2008

  • Nude Cheerleaders

    Parents of two high school cheerleaders are suing the district because they kicked the girls off the squad after photos of the girls were passed around the school.

    The girls sent the photos to one of the girl’s boyfriend and he passed it around to his friends on the football team.  The parents believe it is wrong to punish the girls by kicking them off the cheerleading squad when the boys he passed on the photos were not given any punishment.

    The parents are also upset that the photos were shared with other staff members and were child pornography.  Here is the link:  Link

    I read in another article that the parents thought the girls had suffered enough by having their nude photo passed around the school.

    Do you think it is unfair to kick the girls off the cheerleading squad when they were not the ones who passed their photo to everyone?


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  • awww poor girls. they’re probably really embarrassed.

  • Both the cheerleaders and the boy should be punished, or no one at all, and they certainly shouldn’t have been passed around by faculty!!

  • Nope.  That was a dumb thing to do.  What, did they think it’d stay “hush hush”?  Yeah right.

  • maybe those girls shouldn’t have taken those photos in the first place. the blame can’t go completely on the boys for passing it around.

  • I don’t reckon the boyfriend was kicked off the football team, then.  (Assuming he was also on the football team and didn’t just have friends on the football team.)

    I feel really sorry for the girls, of course, but whether or not their punishment was “fair” depends on who was doing the punishing and what exactly the grounds were.  I mean, obviously they were kicked off because of the nude photos, but what rule did they break?  The “no nude photos” rule? 

  • I see no reason why the girls should be punished.

    But even if there were a reason, the boys who passed the pictures around should get something too.

    In some ways, things haven’t changed much. :(

  • If one is going to punish, one ought to do it as is fair to all parties.

    I would think this was obvious.

  • The boys shouldn’t be punished at all it’s typical of high school boys to show off pictures like that to guy friends. But I think that the girls should get kicked off. They shouldn’t have sent a picture like that to anyone not even a boyfriend. If he wanted that then he could have looked at porn online there is plenty of it everywhere you look.

  • No! They should know better than to take their clothes off! We don’t do that in our society. If God wanted us to be naked, we’d have been born that way!

    Also, I believe (but could be wrong) that because they girls took the pictures, they would be guilty of creating child pornography themselves. I don’t think the law is concerned with the age of the person who took the pictures, or whether the photographer was also the subject. If this is true, the parents shouldn’t be so eager to see the thing reported to the police as child pornography.

  • Its what you get for being a dumb slut? =D

  • Both should be punished.

    When I was a cheerleader we were told that if we did anything to disgrace ourselves, we would be kicked off the squad. I think that a nude photo would qualify as a disgrace.

  • If you are going to punish those girls then you have to punish the people who were doing the distributing also.

  • Better yet, did you hear about the Cleveland Cavs cheerleader who had a photo leaked of her naked in a tub with another girl?!  It’s SCANDALOUSSSSSSSSS here in C-town, lol.

  • What has it to do with the team?

  • I don’t think it’s right to punish the cheerleaders and nobody else. I think they should be punished but kicking them off the team is a bit extreme. Why not suspened them for awhile? But then again they did disgrace their team. So maybe it is approprite to kick them off the team but the people who passed the photos around need to be punished also.

  • honestly, even if I wasn’t kicked off the team, I wouldn’t dare show my face at school again.

  • NO! what the fuck do they think they were doing in the first place? that is the stupidest thing they could’ve possibly done. like no one else was going to find out about those pictures. people like this really piss me off.

  • If anyone should be punished the boys should be too!

  • The girls TOOK the photos and SENT the photos, they should have to deal with the consequences of poor choices, which incidentally happens to be considered child pornography.

  • the boys ought to have been punished, as well.

  • They should definitely punish the guys distributing it, too. I thought that that would be rather obvious. 

  • I’d be so embarassed…
    but I mean, I’m sure they’re not the first girls in the world to do that. In fact, I’m positive. So yeah the humiliation’s kinda enough…

  • @nattata - that’s the exact same thing i was thinking

  • @NikBv - I’m assuming that the “we would have been born that way” is very cleverly stated sarcasm, in which case I applaud you :)

    I don’t think the girls should be kicked off the cheerleading squad. The pictures had nothing to do with cheerleading, so that’s a really stupid punishment. The parents could have chosen to take their kids off the squad as a punishment (although a more fitting one may have been to take away their cell phones, seeing as that’s what allowed them to pass along the pictures). I really don’t think it’s any of the school’s business what kids pass around on their cell phones. If had been passed by word of mouth DURING school, then maybe they would have the right to interfere and punish, but as it stands… I don’t think so. It says that the second photo was taken during June, so I’m assuming that it was at that time that the photo was passed around. There’s no way it was transmitted during school then, because it would have been during the summer.

  • No, those girls are idiots, just another reason why the stupid cheerleader stereotype lives on. The girls said they ‘accidentally’ sent the pictures to members of the football team, accidentally my ass.

  • Yeah, those photos weren’t meant for everyone to see. 

  • Punish the guys and lets be done with this!

  • @NikBv - i don’t understand your comment, or were you being sarcastic? “If God wanted us to be naked, we’d have been born that way!” … but we ARE borned naked..

    anyhow.. i think it’s fair that they got suspended (altho how come one was for 30 days and the other for a year?).. shouldn’t have taken those photos in the first place.. and as for the boys who passed them around.. u cant suspend them because if you suspend them, u’d have to suspend ALL the people who forwarded those photos to others.. and since they were circulated around the school.. possibly more than half the student body would be suspended.


  • When will people learn that taking naked pictures of yourself and sending them to someone NEVER works out right..?

  • Since when is being naked a big deal??  We’re all born that way, right?

  • horndogs.

  • @NikBv - Well I don’t know about you, but I was born pretty damn naked and I’m probably gonna die that way.  >.>

  • I don’t know why, but I find this to be a tough one… I suppose it’s better for them to learn the consequences of what they did now then when they are older and have a family  or job that it would put in jeapardy… Some people are just DUMB.

  • I’m never having kids while I live in this country, because it appears that much in this country is mind bogglingly stupid.

    I just can’t find a way to appropriately and effectively articulate how incredibly stupid this issue is.

    Just take the girls and the boys involved and crucify them on TV.

    I will pray.

  • i’d be embarassed as all hell . first of all why is it being passed around by the staff? that’s pretty disgusting. & no they shouldnt be kicked off the team im sure that there are plenty of girls that have sent dirty texts/pictures to their boyfriend . it just so happens that these girls got caught

  • it was dumb, but it wasnt against the rules. they should not have been kicked off.

  • oh man this is totally near where i live…

  • @jing116 - They should actually confiscate every phone and computer of every student and every person who knows a student at the school.

    Anyone found to be possessing the child pornography should be executed and their families imprisoned for life in Alaska with Palin.

    We will clean up this country one way or another for children.

  • The school should stay out of issues of pictures. Unless the pictures were taken at the school, they should not be punishing the ones who had them taken. Now, it’s perfectly permissable, imo, to punish those who can’t keep the pics to themselves, but whatever.

  • This reminds me of Vanessa Hudgens.  Some couples like to trade nude photos, but that is their own private matters, it isn’t immoral, she trusted him and probably believed she loved him (physically or emotionally, doesn’t matter); she trusted him with the pictures, and he betrayed her by letting it loose, so it is his fault entirely.

  • Well I suppose the school couldn’t come right out and say they’re being kicked off the team for being criminally stupid. Seriously, though, they probably broke the rules of conduct for being on the team.

  • I dont think anyone should be punished becasue the girls took the photos and there punished by having everyone see them nude and the boys are just being boys, I would have put those pics on the internet so they got off easy.

  • I think it’s unfair that they were the only ones punished. They didn’t pass out the pictures.

  • Distribution of child pornography? 25 to life.

  • I agree that all should have been punished, not just the girls.  And especially the faculty for further making it worse by sharing with each other.  It might seem harsh, but some lessons are learned the hard way.  This is one of those lessons.  Poor choices were made by everyone and unfortunately that comes with consequences.  I can only imagine what my parents would’ve done if they knew I took naked photos of myself and shared them with someone – anyone!

  • @sweetandlonelyangel - wow you’re a douchebag.

    guys are allowed to forward naked pictures of their girlfriends to their friends-that were allegedly sent by accident- BECAUSE they are guys?

    you make me sick.

  • @femaleBASSPLAYER - 

    Lol. +1.

    +1 more for being a girl bass player. I need to find one of you where i live. Hahaha. (bass player that is)

  • they didnt pass them on? How did the boys get them then? ;)

    shit…cant imagine telling that to my parents. And im a guy.
    We dont have the double standard. (ie: a girl prostitute = whore, a guy prostitute = swingin lumber)

    I imagine they did something like this:

    “Dad…Im in trouble at school…”
    “For what?”
    “All the boys saw me naked.”
    “A picture…got passed around”

    …and out comes the whip.


    HOLY SHIT. I reread it. Theyre suing because they were kicked off? Not because of the distribution?
    …this post just got even dumber.
    I think I lost an IQ point or two!

  • double standards, man

  • okay, first off, it’s the boy’s GIRLFRIEND. i’ve sent a naked picture to my boyfriend. i don’t see how that’s wrong, a lot of people do that.

    secondly, the article said the photos got sent by ACCIDENT and only to the boyfriend.

    thirdly, how is the girl supposed to know she’s dating a dickwad that would show all his friends?

    the girls shouldn’t be punished AT ALL. the boys who forwarded the photos to others, though, should be suspended from school.

  • One of the pictures was taken three years ago and sent to the teen’s then-boyfriend. The other was snapped in June. The lawsuits allege that the girls believed they had deleted the photos, but accidentally sent them to members of the football team.
    Uhm, that sounds like the girls themselves ‘accidently’ forwarded them. I don’t know how you ‘accidently’ forward a naked picture of yourself to several members of the team. That’s not a one-button option on most phones. If she would have ‘forwarded to all’ it would have wound up going to her parents and everyone else too. It sounds like maybe they did it on purpose..?? I dunno. It just seems weird.
    Do I think they’re at fault? Of course. But they’re kids and kids do stupid shit. I think the boys should be punished in some way, too, absolutely- as should anyone who forwarded the pictures. But the teachers? Why the hell did they all need to see it too?
    It’s probably too many people to punish quite honestly. I don’t think the punishment they got was too much, but I do think more people should have gotten punished as well. And whoever said take their cell phones away for being so stupid with them in the first place- bravo! I couldn’t agree more. But obviously we’re not talking about the most involved parents, otherwise this shit wouldn’t have happened in the first place.

  • I don’t know about the boys being punished, because all they did was look at some pictures. The girls are the ones who were foolish enough to send nude photos to some boy. It was obviously attention they wanted and well.. they got the attention!

    I think the reason for the girls being kicked off the team was because the image of cheerleaders is supposed to be “all-american” regardless of how they actually are. If they violate that image, they have to be cut. Did the boys violate their team’s image too? Probably, though what do you expect a high-school boy to do when he gets nude photos from some girls? Sure they SHOULD have better morals, but most high school boys have no morals to write home about.

    The whole situation is a huge shame..

    And that sign looked like it said BROTHEL High School the first time I looked. XD (Well that explains things, huh!?)

  • Yes, it’s unfair.

  • If they didn’t want people to see them naked, they shouldn’t have given the boyfriend a picture.

  • No, the girls are to set an example for the rest of the school and should be held to being responsible young individuals.  They should have kept their clothes on!  Extracurricular activities are a privilege, not a right. 
    HOWEVER, that does not strip the idea that the boys who spread the pictures around should not be punished.  Those young men as well, should certainly be punished, and probably kicked off the extracurricular activities they are involved with.
    They will be lucky if they are not charged with possession of child pornography and having to register as a sex offender. 
    It is sad that coaches and teachers have to get this involved with this kind of thing.

  • first of all; why have a nude picture of themselves and sharing with anyone else?? they are kids!! they should expect it CAN fall in the wrong hands.

    pity to them and sucks to be them.

  • sucks to be them
    Both deserves to be punished
    Girls for being stupid for taken the photo in the first place & then passing it around
    & we all know juicy gossips spread faster than wild fire

  • @XfantomcatX - Just because most high school boys don’t have many morals–does that mean we should not hold them responsible for their actions?
    I definitely agree with you though about the cheerleaders–they were indeed foolish.

  • @PenaltyLife - Just because the boy was her boyfriend, that makes it right to send him naked pictures when they are both in high school?  I can see in college it not being such a big deal–they are adults at that time, but these kids are still minors. Should we really be endorsing this kind of act?
    Perhaps I’m just an old fashioned ultra conservative from the woods…

  • They should have known better than to take nude pictures of themselves and give them to boyfriends.

    And the guy should be punished, too.

  • Yeah Duh…why are they judging them for something that is none of their business… I mean what is this the new version of the scarlet letter…lets see ok why did you get kicked off the the cheer leading squad….well ya see thats a long story…yeah thats gonna make a great convo during the holidays…

  • @beccabussa - Very good points!
    I definitely agree with the issue of so many teachers seeing the pics and the idea of the phones being taken away!

  • @elegantphoto - i believe that if you’re in a sexual relationship, there is nothing wrong with sending nude photographs to your significant other.

    i mean, they’ve already seen you naked, what exactly is the difference?

    i just don’t believe these girls did anything wrong. maybe i’m on the opposite side of the spectrum being a little liberal on the issue. i do understand and respect your point, though.

  • I don’t see why it was necessary for the staff to pass the pictures around. THAT should be punished too, along with the boy.

    I don’t understand why the girls should be punished – I mean, do we go around arresting every girl who partakes in taking nude pictures ?

  • Naked photos are never a good idea. Especially to a HIGH SCHOOL boyfriend. Those pictures (and video) he says he’ll never show anyone and will destroy if you break up?

    Not happening.

    Blame on both parties.

  • @PenaltyLife - ahh ok.
    I respect your appreciation of your naked body–I don’t know if I’ll ever have the guts to do that. (honestly.) 

    I don’t know–I just see so many girls that end up with children by the time they are 15.  I feel that sometimes acts like this help contribute to that, of course along with SO many other contributing factors. (I have at least five students in high school that have children.)

  • No, but I think the boys and teachers should be held responsible too, or no one be held responsible. Those girls were stupid.

  • I thought it said brothel highschool… which made me laugh.

  • weeeell lthats what you get for taking nude photos

  • I think we should see the picture and make our own judgment ;)

  • ok let’s be honest here…should we really judge a h.s. girl for sending her bf a nude pic of herself? granted, if the bf was capable of doing something like that to his gf, it probably wasn’t a good idea for the girl to send a picture like that to a scumbag like him in the first place (maybe she didn’t know his true nature) but, why is the girl getting punished for something that she did in accordance to her personal life and outside of school.
    why is the bf not punished for what he did? but honestly, i don’t think anyone should be punished in the first place. it’s a stupid teenage scandal that should be resolved between the two people involved (unless of course it gets out of hand ex: making posters all over the school of the naked girl). and if they really wanted to punish the girls for w/e reason it was, i think the embarassment level they suffered was punishment enough.

  • @lovesporks - agreed…those girls should have thought about not posing nude. but they boys should be in trouble too 

  • =/

    I’ve been on the shitty end of this. I mean, I didn’t give the pictures out, they were taken without my permission, but hell, it’s embarrassing. It’s humiliating. And as a result, I’d probably never give nudes to anyone.

    However, being that I’m in highschool, I know how fast these things spread and I also know how fast girl’s legs spread. Hmm. This is a toughie because I’m not sure. The boys should have been punished certainly, but my distinct disdain for cheerleaders is clouding my judgment.

  • the girls knowingly produced that picture. they knowingly began the distribution. just because you made it and distributed it does not make it right. they should be punished. the boy and others should be punished if they knowingly distributed it. 

  • I don’t see how nude photos are related to membership on a cheerleading squad at all. And, I guess it would depend on where the photos were presented, but sharing photos (nude or otherwise) sounds like a non-school related activity anyway, so… I fail to see how what the girls did has anything to do with the school. Sure, they made a kind of dumb decision, but the guys are the ones who brought it to school.

  • save the cheerleaders!

  • Please. If you’re going to take nude pictures and send them to your boyfriend, you have to be pretty secure. You shouldn’t be humiliated to have others see your picture.

  • Well if the guys weren’t thrown off the football team, then yeah, it’s totally wrong that the girls were punished that way.  But I think the parents are right – it was probably punishment enough that their photos were swapped around school.  Although if I were in their position I probably would have quit the squad and school.

  • Yes, it’s unfair – her parents should be the ones punishing her, not the school.

  • It’s complicated, cuz nudity shouldn’t be a reason to be kecked out of any place but I do understand that people in US is very afraid of their body. So sad.

  • I believe everything we do has a direct consequence and I likewise believe the “blame” factor starts with the initial act that started the ball rolling. Since we never truly know anyone, what they will do, you have to factor that in when doing such as the girls did by distributing the pictures, where it went from there you will have to just accept. Now, while I do think the boy/boys who distributed it further should receive some form of punishment, the ultimate punishment, albeit the girls being kicked of the team or what have you, still should be enacted. Bottom line: One knows what they will do, but since we can’t read minds, we have no idea what other people will do. Tough lesson for the girls to learn, sadly, :(

  • is it just me or is that sign just one letter away from saying “brothell high school”? i think that explains alot

  • they should punish the boys! the girls should just take some time off school until the whole hoohaa blows over…

  • It’s a bit unfair but we’re told our whole lives “Life’s not fair.”

    They shouldn’t have taken the photos in the first place.

  • They probably should have kicked a couple of the guys off the team just to keep it even.

    My favorite part of that story was the part about how the girls thought they had deleted the photos, but “accidently sent them to the football team”.

  • No, it’s not unfair to kick them off the squad.  What they did was inappropriate and they need to be punished for it.  My high school had very strict rules about cheerleaders (mainly dealing with issues of pregnancy)…and when one of the girls did get pregnant, she wasn’t kicked off the squad.  This pissed many people off…  Although pregnancy and having a naked picture of yourself circulating around your school are two different things, I still think that if the cheerleader did something that could make the school look bad in the eyes of the community, [s]he needs to be punished.

  • It’s either all punished or none punished in my book.
    But it was the girl’s fault that this happened, they don’t need to be taking naked pictures of themselves, they’re to young for that stuff! Geese, this world is just getting less and less innocent.

  • When are people gonna start being responsible for their own actions?  The over 18 rule just means people are allowed to make money.  

  • @abcxunt - That’s what came to my mind. Even if the boys don’t get punished, I hope the one girl is smart enough to dump the boyfriend. What a dick!

    Of course, judging from her actions, she can’t be too clever… Or perhaps she was misled. Meh.

  • i think the guys who circulated the photos should be punished as well, because wouldn’t that be considered ‘distributing child pornography’? this might sound kind of stupid, but i don’t see how the pictures=pornography if they didn’t intend to sell it…. wouldn’t a picture of a naked baby also be ‘child porn’ then? i dunno -_-

    blerg. nothing in text messaging and e-mail are safe.

  • @ionekoa - Ahaha, thank you for pointing that out. Awesome.

  • Nope, they were the one’s who sent the picture to the boy and took that risk. Yes it awful the boy passed the picture around, but at the same time they shouldn’t be taking nude photos of themselves and sending them to his phone (which he can easily spread them to others, and God knows if it’ll end up on the web). It would be one thing if he found the pictures and spread them around, but since she sent it voluntarily that gave him the power to do with it whatever he liked.

  • If that school works anything like the one I worked at, then those girls signed an agreement saying that they were leaders in that school and would behave as such. I say, kick ‘em off, and hit the parents upside the back of the head for screaming child pornography. Dummies. Your daughter’s took the pictures and sent them out. Some silly friend they sent it to probably got his phone taken up in class. (clearly, I haven’t read the article yet.)

  • @AlterEgo909 - Agreed.
    But I don’t have much sympathy for those girls. I knew some girls who did something like that. They were smart enough to have everything destroyed afterward though.

  • Typical double-standard. I don’t think it was the SMARTEST thing to do to take the photos, as boys have the tendency to desire “bragging rights” about such things, and, at the very least, you are certainly passing out live ammo to potential exes. I digress, though.

    Bottom line, what do the photos have to do with their status on the squad? Were they at practice, at the time, or something? It seems to me like they are just doling out random penalties, and the punishment doesn’t fit the crime.

    I think the boys should be in bigger trouble for passing them around, and WTF is up with the faculty passing them around? I am sure they devised some trumped up reason why THAT was necessary. That’s a bit like sampling the seized cocaine, no?

    I agree that the embarrassment is punishment enough. The school should have punished the boys for passing the photos AT school, not the girls for having taken them on their own time; that’s THEIR business. And none of it has to do with being on the cheerleading squad, so why kick them off? It wasn’t the Prayer Club or something; since when have high school cheerleaders been pillars of virtue, anyway?

  • When will teenage girls learn?

    Taking naked pictures doesn’t make you cool.

    It makes you a whore.

  • This is a tough one to call. I think the girls went through enough and the boys should get some type of punishment. Passing around nude photos of your girlfriend is stupid….why mess up a good thing by making it public?

    What a dickhead.

  • Yes.  It is unfair.

  • They should all be punished for being dumb. 

  • A perfect example of the need to THINK before you act – for both the girls and the guys involved.

  • I think that the boyfriend who disseminated them ought to be punished. I think the humiliation for the girls was enough, but they should have thought twice about whether the one girl’s boyfriend could be trusted to keep them to himself, and most teenage boys aren’t that trustworthy. Pics of naked chicks will make the rounds pretty quickly.

  • I don’t know school policy (and I haven’t read the article yet), but why is the school taking disciplinary action.  Unless the pictures were taken at school, the parents should be the ones doing the punishing.  The parents should be the ones to decided if they are removed from the squad.  I would think the school would have more grounds to punish the boys since the pictures were being passed around at school.

  • nothing wrong with sending some n00dz to your significant other if you’re brave enough.
    fucking prudes..

  • @NikBv - If God wanted us to be naked, we’d have been born that way!

    This cracked me up. =)

  • This is why you don’t send n00ds to your boyfriend lol

    Show pictures yes.. but not give or send!

    That guy is a jerk though. Passing around photos to the TEAM!

  • these girls are just dumb. they shouldn’t have done it in the first place and from what i’ve read they’re the ones that gave it to the boy. what did they think the boy was gonna do. Keep it to himself??

  • Naked girls, if they took naked photos of themselves, how about the parents take some responsibility for the girls not having any shame. Should the boys be punished? ABSOLUTELY, inappropriate conduct, should the grils be kciekd off teh squad, yes, teach the next generation not to support the whorey cheerleader stereotype. They’re athletes (typically amazing ones) not sluts, The staff taht passed the shots around should be investigated, and possibly punished. But the main blame lays ont ehg irls who took their clothes off to send their boyfriends. If they didn’t want those shots to be passed around, they shouldn’t have sent them.

  • @Jack_Hawksmoor -  This is true tehy’re probably embarassed, but are they going to feel empowered if the SCHOOL gets punished? I’m worried they may feel that their actions being supported will let them feel like they didn’t do anythign wrong, that they should get be embarassed that the shots got in the wrong hands. What about the fact they’re MINORS, taking pictures of other naked MINORS. The parents should punish the girls, and the schools. You could lose your job for private conduct as a teacher, I think the rules should be the same for the students if you’re going to say teachers can’t get drunk or they’ll lose their jobs (it has happened), then students should ahve the same standards.

  • I personally think this is bullshit. The girls trusted their boyfriends and because of a little misplacement of trust have their reputation and academic history marred? If this was a story of someone trying to seduce someone else by exposing themselves, it would be different. But this is just wrong.
    The girls are partially at fault…but they didn’t choose for their photos to get out. What about the losers who decided to pass it out?

    Women are supposed to love, honor and protect their bodies. I’m sure most women will agree. The idea is wonderful and I wholeheartedly agree. But the idea is being twisted. Just because women can love and honor their own bodies doesn’t mean they can always protect themselves. It doesn’t mean they always have complete control of what happens to them. There’s an underlying and unspoken belief that everything that happens to women are somehow their own fault.
    Say a woman is raped; the initial questions asked aren’t “what kind of man would do that?” “why would a man do that?” but “what did she do to lead to that?” “where was she?” “why wasn’t she being more careful. Why didn’t she protect herself. why didn’t she work harder to not get raped?” As if she somehow wanted the rape and brought it upon herself. Maybe if she was more of a prude right? Maybe if she didn’t put herself in that position right?
    Maybe that’s a little too extreme?
    What about pregnancy? It takes two but two aren’t always considered when dealing out the punishment. The woman takes most of the burden of carrying the child and any social stigma that might come with it. A pregnancy is fine and dandy between two married, older people. But if it were to happen to an unwed teenage girl? She’s automatically deemed a slut or cum dump. And we’ve heard the stories or even experienced first hand of how school admins expel the girls for setting a “bad example” Because, of course, she coerced the naive and innocent father-to-be into sex with her. It never would have happened if she wasn’t a slut right?? No boy would ever want to fornicate with an innocent, trusting virgin who felt safe enough with him to give herself to him. Right?

    Why do we automatically put all the blame on the women and girls? They’re already dealing with the consequences. But they’re not the only ones at fault. Why not automatically place some blame on the boys for what they did? Why is it so natural those in our society to do this?

    I say it’s the cheerleader’s choice to express themselves in such a way. And while I think that they were idiotic to trust high school jocks, I also think that they shouldn’t be officially punished. 

    What next? Fine people who have had nasty rumors spread about them? Or force jail time for anyone foolish enough to be scammed, mugged, robbed.

  • I think so. You’re representing your school, and if you’re taking nude pics, that’s not a good representation. The boys should also be punished though.

  • Who asked them to give their photos in the first place?

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