April 10, 2007

  • The Plural Of Ho

    Don Imus not only stirred some controversy concerning racial statements he made about a women’s basketball team but he also has caused a little grammatical controversy.


    Imus used the plural form of “ho” when referring to the women’s basketball team.  That has caused different media to print the plural from in three different ways.  Here is the link:  Link

    If you were writing “nappy-headed ho” in the plural, would you use hos, ho’s or hoes?


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  • these questions are all the same!! all you talk about is racism and basketball and grammar! BORING! TALK ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE!

    am I done?

  • Glad I wont ever care what the correct way is since the entire phrase is wrong!

  • Conjugating slang is always tricky. For example: “Today totally bites!” is correct, but what is the proper past tense? “Yesterday totally bit”? “This last day has totally bitten”?

    I would go with hos, myself.

    Now watch–we find out the proper plural of ho is hae, or something like that.

  • Ho’s doesn’t work. The apostrophy implies singular ownership. It would have to be ‘hoes’ in order for the ‘o’ to still be properly pronounced.

  • Hos.

    I’ve noticed “ho” is a word a lot like the n-word. Girls can use it as a term of endearment, but if a guy says it- bam! Sexist pig!

  • rofl. It’s not an acronym or abbreviation, so I don’t think apostrophe can be used.

    I think it’s hos. But I am waiting until it is on Webster’s.

  • i call ‘em…. sexies

  • sluts =)

  • ho’s is possesive. Hoes looks more correct.

  • i wouldnt be writing that, because to be calling someone a “ho” is ignorant and stupid just like don imus!

  • hos (former English Honors student here… lol)  Hoe is a garden tool.  ho’s is wrong. The way it was used was not in the form of ownership. So it is hos to be plural.

  • Hoes.

  • probably hoes, but i know it’s wrong. hos is right, but it seems too much like christmas.
    i dunno I don’t really say “ho” I say “whore” if anything (and VERY rarely at that — not a name-caller, here)

  • What if you’re referring to an ethnic prostitute with many gardening tools?

  • I wouldn’t. :]

  • I will never write that statement but if you put a gun to my head I would agree with wild4surfing.

  • I know the plural of the gardening tool is “hoes” was he thinking whores?

  • silly question.

    I wouldn’t say hos,

    I would probably say hoes?

    But maybe ho’s.


  • hoes most definitely

  • You are obviously desparate for topics to post.

  • Hoes

  • The way I spell it would come out hose.

    The why I talk it would be hookers or sluts, but in fount of those over sized monsters, it would be those “lovely woman basketball players”

  • hos

    It should probably be distinguished from the gardening tool. After all we don’t want the gardeners union after us, I hear those old ladies in that union are EVIL.

    It couldn’t be ho’s because that would mean that the ho possessed something, not that it was more than one.

  • Groan….  Why is everyone uptight about what a “shock jock” says anyway?  That’s his “job” (for lack of a better term)… 

  • haha….hoes.

    my mom’s maiden name is ho. o.o

  • WILD4SURFING is absolutely, grammatically correct.  You can’t use an apostrophe, because it’s not possessive or a contraction; “hoes” is what I have out in my garden and will be using real soon, if it ever thaws…

    I had a 5th grade flute student that took a song to contest.  It was from a collection of Chinese Folk Songs, and the one she played was called “Song of Hoe.”  She raised her eyebrows, and I told her (in my most knowledgeable teacher voice) that in Chinese, it was pronounced “Hweee.”  She looked skeptical.  We changed the title to “Chinese Folk Song” instead.

  • I think it’s hos. The term itself is a slang word, so I don’t know if there is such a thing as proper grammar in cases of slang. I wonder what the English majors and grammarians would say on the matter?

  • According to the Dictionary, Hos and Hoes are both acceptable spellings for the word with refernce to sluts.

  • Hos.

    Ho ends in an o… just like the word ghetto, video, and piano. Ghettoes? Videoes? Pianoes? I don’t think so. Ghettos, videos, pianos, and hos.

  • and thats Encarta if anyone is wondering..

  • And anyone saying this to the Rutgers’ team’s faces might be eligible for a well deserved beatdown.

  • I’m suprised hoes is listed as correct, since that would seem the plural form of “hoe”, a garden tool, as wild4surfing says.

  • a hoe is a gardening tool, so thats out of the question.
    ho’s implies ownership, or possesion which doesn’t make sense.
    so it’s hos.

  • and its not the only word that adds and e when changing form either.. Go > Goes…. also… echo > echoes, embrago > embargoes, veto > vetoes, torpedo > torpedoes, hero > heroes, potato > potatoes, tomato > tomatoes

  • Yeesh… Hoes?

  • I got HOES in different area codes!!!!  :D

  • Hos. The apostrophe would imply a possessive, and I’m pretty sure that -es as opposed to -s is reserved for words that end in a consonant that you close your mouth for, like m, n, s, x, etc.

  • I’m with Tati.

  • It depends on your education level. People tend to use aural spellings for words when they have less education.

    The more common, and thus correct spelling would be hos. If you are educated and like to sling lingo like you are cool or somthing, then the correct spelling would be hoes. That is because someone educated would be more likely to have encountered more plural spellings oh words ending in o, and know the rule of the e.

    The truth is, I have no idea.

    Yet somehow, I am always right.


  • None of the above. I’d go with Ho-z.

  • Haha. Many of your readers are grammar nazis like me and pointed out that ho’s is possessive.  I’m going to disagree slightly.  Ordinarily I would whine about the use of an apostrophe in a plural (ho’s), but my grammar book has informed me that if the plural word looks confusing with just an s, it is sometimes appropriate to add an apostrophe. This is seen in the phrase do’s and don’ts. “Dos” would be confusing because it looks like the Spanish dos.  Don’ts is not confusing and does not require an apostrophe. Then again, some grammarians disagree with this exception to the “No apostrophes in plurals!!!!” rule.  I would go with hoes because it avoids the sticky grammatical explanation that goes with choosing ho’s and the possible confusion that hos presents. =) Thanks for asking such an awesome question, Dan! <3333

  • ANNNDD!!! also forgot to mention there are words, JUST LIKE THIS ONE! that have both spellings accepted… mosquitoes/os for example, and there are many more as well

  • However, I won’t take issue with anyone who chooses hos; it’s really a question of personal preference. =) I may be okay with someone who chooses ho’s but ONLY if it’s because she thinks that hos is confusing (it’s not exactly an oft-encountered word, and lends itself to the pronunciation hahss in my mind)… NOT because she doesn’t know her grammar and thinks that apostrophe = pluralizing.

  • Hos.

    I guess “hoes” could work, but that reminds me too much of the gardening tool. And wouldn’t “ho’s” be possessive?

  • I always assumed hoes. So I always just assumed that it was “hoe.” Haha.. uhhhh.

  • I don’t know.  I’d like to because I like to be correct.  I’m guessing “hos.”

  • It depends. Are you talking about them owning something? If you are then I would use “Ho’s”. If not then I would probably use “Hoes”.

  • hos. and ryc: DMV came back somewhere around 35 times to see what had been written about him.

  • Because to puralize something that ends in “o” you put “es” not “s”.

  • I would type hoes. I don’t think there’s really anything set in stone, most of the people who would seriously use it don’t type :]

  • I think it would be hos.

  • I would type “hoes” but on second thought, it might be hos… all I know is that it is definitely not “ho’s.”

  • Wow, he looks like the Crypt Keeper. 

  • i call ‘em…. sexies
    Posted 4/10/2007 4:33 PM by ericvandermolen

    that was the only correct answer. everyone else looses.

  • He’s ugly….

  • Ho’s is wrong, no mater what you think. Nothing plural has an apostrophe.

    And I think I would say “hos.”

    Said the journalism major.

  • hoes are metal tools you use to turn soil in your garden
    hos are what you sleep with
    that ho’s thong is sticking out

  • Hoes. Consultations with friends yields the same reply.

  • neither, i would use my foot and kick don imus in the ass.

    ouch, angsty.

    Fight Mental Illness Stigma

  • Sure doesn’t take much to get people really riled up.

    I’d say “hoes” if I had to, but I’m probably not the best source of such information.

  • I never say it or spell it, but I think I’d spell it as “hoes” if I were to.

  • Hoes, I thought that’s how it is spelled?

  • Given that it’s a slang term, I’d put it in quotes, and add the “s”.

    like “ho”s.

    on second thought, that doesn’t look great, either…

    go with hos.

  • Why would I need to know how to spell a word you know I am never going to use?

  • the original form is really “hoe” where i’m from, and plural is “hoes”.

  • Imus is an idiot, that goes without saying. But isn’t it interesting that no fuss is raised when the same derogatory phrase is used by rappers. Funny I never heard a fuss raised about Fred Sanford or George Jefferson when they would call white people “crackers.” These two ministers need to take the rafter out of their eyes.

  • who cares?

    Overlook spelling, grammer, punctuation, slang, drunkenness, or anything else for that matter!

  • hos looks like hoss

    ho’s looks like youre reffering to santa clause.

    so ill go with hoes

  • he doesnt target anyone anyways….

    he makes fun of everyone……

    John Steward has called black basketball girls hos many times and no one is saying crap to him??

    imus in the morning is a source of yellow journalism.

    it mocks the news.

    imus in the morning is not real news.

    i know imus personaly and know hes funny.

    he is the original Howard Stern.

  • saying imus said hos or ho is like saying Howard Stern said ass or boobs.

    newt gingrich has said that bush was a war ho and oil ho many many many times…………

    condemning imus for saying what he did is stupid……..

    thats why they watch don imus in the morning.

  • Poor guy. Controversy all over the place.

    The whole thing will clear right up when he makes a sizable donation to the Rev. Jackson’s Sloppy Rainbows Collation of Primary Colors (or whatever they are called)

  • I’m wondering what you’d have if there were more than one Imus. A pack of Imi or a big bunch of idiots?

  • Wow, he looks like the Crypt Keeper. 
    Posted 4/10/2007 5:30 PM by SamsMom1004
    hahaha that’s what I was thinking too…

  • I wouldn’t say the word at all.

  • Hoes.
    No wait… Ho’s. 
    No, thats possesive.
    Uhm.. Hos?

    That’s hard.

  • I think, hoes.

  • Hos. They’re not garden tools and it’s not being used a possessive.

  • I guess I’d just say sluts… So much easier than trying to figure out grammar :p

  • I’m not a fan of the term ‘hoes’ makes me think about gardening.

  • ho’s or hos – it’s what I see most often on the inside of the bathroom stall at school.

  • I looked it up on Webster and it is “hos” or “hoes” and is an alteration of whore.

    *Feels smart* yay, homeschoolers are smart.

  • Hoes are garden tools.
    Ho’s is possessive. (ie. Look at that ho’s shoes!)
    Hose are tights.

    So yes, the proper plural form of “ho” is “hos.”

  • I prefered hoes until i saw paige’s comment, and now i’m all for hose.

  • Hoes, duh.

  • “ho’s” has an apostrophe, meaning that we’re referring to something that belongs to ONE nappy-headed ho.. so that’s out.

    “hoes” is a gardening tool.. which don’t generally have nappy heads.

    “hos” doesn’t look right, but it’s the only one without another meaning.. so “hos” it is.

  • It doesn’t it matter. The thing is racists should be burned. They create so much indifference among the people. it’s just not good. Maybe we should just keep our opinions to ourselves and shut up. Silence could work wonders, don’t you think? 

  • i prefer the word “whore” but if i had to shorten it, i would use “hoes”

  • I would say hoes, only that reminds me of a garden tool…So, none of the above?

  • ho = whore (urban dictionary) therefore ho’s = whores

  • hoes. and ho’s is just stupid. anyone who says “ho’s” is STUPID. when a word is followed by an apostrophe and an ‘s’, it is followed by a noun or adjective thus meaning that it’s making it a possessive noun or whatever the hell it’s called. it goes back to the “you’re beautiful” and “your beautiful”. “you’re beautiful” means “you are beautiful”.. “your beautiful” would leave the person wondering.. “my beautiful WHAT?”

  • ………

    Must I answer this question? … hoes…

  • hoes probably

    then id look it up to see if i was right


  • I really don’t think it matters since everyone knows exactly what he meant. 

  • hos because they’re not garden tools

  • oh i’m sorry according to my strunk and white book it should be hos’ since its plural

  • haha, glad to hear it a little lightened.  I go to Rutgers and there’s going to be a whole “emergency demonstration” tomorrow.  I mean it’s bad and all but I think it’s worse making the talk of it last this long.

  • That’s a tough one. I think it should most likely be hos. Then again, that doesn’t look right. Neither does hoes – and that has a completely different meaning. The apostrophe is definitely wrong. I am sure of that.

  • Well, hoes are used in a garden and the ” ..’s ” implies ownership in “ho’s”, so I will go with “hos” even though it doesn’t quite look right.  I think it also depends on what the singular form of the word is and what the root of it was supposed to be.  Is it based of whore or hooker? (retorical question)

    Anyways. God bless.

  • nappy headed hoes….

  • definitely hoes :)

  • Hos. Never ho’s, because appostrophes indicate possession, not plurals. The incorrect use of appostrophes is one of my biggest pet peeves. :[

  • hos.  ho’s denotes ownership, and hoes would be a bunch of gardening implements.

  • None. The word doesn’t exist in my world.

    ~Upholder of the English language.

  • My vote is hos. If I am going to use it I sure don’t want anyone to think I am talking about a tool, there is a whole ‘nother word for that one.

  • My vote is hos. If I am going to use it I sure don’t want anyone to think I am talking about a tool, there is a whole ‘nother word for that one.

  • I’ve noticed “ho” is a word a lot like the n-word. Girls can use it as a term of endearment, but if a guy says it- bam! Sexist pig!
    Just like when you can someone Oriental, Black, White, etc. If the person is the same race as the other, and he says something like Negger or something you get laughs. Someone else says it and you are on the ground with a bloody nose… -sigh-

  • LOL. Some question…

  • Hos.

    Not hoes. Can you dig it?

  • hoes

  • Way to pass the time, man. ^_^

    *thumbs up*

  • what I want to know is what they are pissed about..

    are they pissed cause he called them nappy-headed

    or because he called them ho’s?

    its being called a racial comment so that would refer to the ‘nappy headed” comment but there is no remarks or anger that he called them “ho’s”


  • hos is the correct spelling. a hoe is a tool used in a garden! it really bugs me when people mix those up!

  • Why is it that you’re bringing up a controversial (possible) grammatical error…? That’s not the focus of the story, nor does it need to be.

  • I believe it is spelled “Whores.”

  • hoes, that sounds about right. and the guy was stupid for saying it.

  • its hos. ho’s is posesive and hoes is like gardening hoes

  • How about “Poorly groomed gigantic cunts?”

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