October 2, 2010

  • 19 Year Old Has Sex With 14 Year Old

    A guy is being charged for having sex with a 14-year-old girl.  He was 19 at the time he had sex with her. 

    He is “five years and two months older” than the girl.

    He is facing up to 10 years in prison.  Here is the link:  Link

    Does the 19 year old guy deserve 10 years in prison for having sex with a 14-year-old girl?


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  • “”Fifteen’ll get you ten!”–Dave Chappelle

  • No.  Maybe some punishment, but 10 years?  that’s a lot more than necessary.

  • That is a little much I think. But, assuming good behavior he’ll be out in half.

  • Was it a hot 14-year-old?

  • If the 14 year old gave her consent, no.

  • Did he know she was 14? If he did he knew she was jail bait.

  • My question is..
    Why did it take 3 years for him to be charged? 

  • HELL YES!!!! He deserves more than just 10 years in my opinion! 14 is way too young to understand exactly what you’re consenting to.

  • I lost it to a 21 year old when I was 16 so I can’t really say anything bad 

  • well that sucks. but what i dont understand is; why three years later? what came out of the blue? attention? 

    but to answer the question, if he knew she was 14 and didnt care, then yea he deserve that plus more, that sicko.but really i would just pray that none of my 14 year olds would get involved with that age like that. [[ i will only hope that they can start having sex AFTER HIGH SCHOOL... lol ]]

  • Not ten years, jeez. Maybe half of that. As far as maturity levels they aren’t that far apart.

  • It depends on whether he knew she was 14 or not.

    If he did, then he deserves it.

  • He sexually molested a child. He deserves it.

  • Probably for each such case that comes to court, there are a hundred that don’t.

  • he can’t score with someone his own age so he’s gotta go for a minor…ugh.  loser.

  • 14 is to young to have sex and he should get in trouble but on the other hand where was Mom and Dad I am sorry but I knew what my daughter was doing and where she was at and who she was with… I can’t help but put part of the blame on the parents besides he should have known better but the so should she

  • well if she never told him her age, is it really his fault if she’s jail bait?

  • It depends on the people I think. That charge is ‘third degree rape of a child’ I think, which I don’t really agree with on some points. Girls develop a lot differently than boys and usually a lot earlier. I know I was dating way older guys when I was that age. They had more in common with me and weren’t still spitting paper wads at me from the back of the classroom. I don’t think having sex with a 14 or 15 year old girl that has a fully developed woman’s body should count as “child molestation” or the likeness. The man who does it isn’t really attracted to kids, you know? When I was 15 I could easily pass for 18 or 19 and sometimes if the lighting was bad I could even pass for 21 and get into bars. Would that make a guy who had sex with me then a child molester? No. He’s attracted to adult women, but I just happened to look like an adult early, lol.

    I do think there should be some penalty, though. Most of the time girls at that age aren’t capable of making good decisions regarding sex and romantic relationships and if it were legal then they’d make easy prey for all the fucked up men in the world who are in the search for just that sort of easy conquest.

  • well… were they in a relationship? and if the girl agreed to it willingly :S idk

  • Thinking back…..I was 18, she was 15 but we had been seeing each other for a while (wasn’t just a one night hook-up). 
    In this case – If there was more than merely a jump on your bones physical relationship, I would say absolutely not.
    Where would I draw the line?  I think it has to be based on the individual instead of an across the board age limit thing. However, younger than this example would require an extreme amount of “mature beyond her age” documentation.

  • whatever the law is on statutory rape, charge him and punish him. No more, no less.

  • I really don’t know what to say. This is a delicate issue, and I haven’t really made up my mind.

  • No he shouldn’t get 10 years for that. If she’s able to understand right and wrong and can say yes or no to things she wants, then, in my book, she should be able to sleep with someone who looks like a complete idiot.

  • No? If the girl consent, then why should he be put behind bars? Also, ten years? That’s a little harsh.

  • I think… well, I think it depends on the girl. I do think that in general fourteen is too young, but I also think that the maturity levels of the two probably weren’t far off. 

    I think if she gave her consent, and didn’t get hurt, pregnant, or infected with something, he doesn’t deserve ten years. 2-3, perhaps. 

  • EW he’s UGLY. If shes gonna have sex with an older guy, at least get someone good looking.

    And he’s stupid. He’s ugly so he cant get anyone his age, therefore he has to go for 14 year olds.

  • It doesn’t matter if she was willing, or even if they were in a “long and committed” relationship. It’s statutory rape. Plain and Simple. He deserves more time.

  • Yes.  Sure, the penalty is stiff, because it’s meant to be. The penalty is meant to act as a deterant. 

    The guy charged was over 18 at the beginning of the relationship. He should have known the laws and their penalties (and kept his fly zipped).

    The big problem is that when a young girl is with an older “man,” there is an emotional control — think Roman Polaski and his12 year old…he must have been jaw-droppingly mesmerizing, with his story telling abilities.  But even without the “magic,” and a smaller age gap, it’s easy for an older man to wow a young girl. My story. My page. Maybe one day.

  • dont think he deserve 10 years if the girl gave consent to it

  • Not if it was completely consensual. Not that he shouldn’t be punished, but 10 years in prison I don’t think is appropriate at all.

  • Hmmm.Would have to hear both their stories in person to make a decision properly..The law hah athat`s a next story by itself there again.

  • That seems like a bit much..but- whatever. especially if it was consensual. 

  • No.

    I can understand if he was 40+ but 19?  That’s only a five years age gap.
    Plus, that’s way too long to be in jail.  Sucks to be him.

  • 14 years old is SO young! Wow…

  • Don’t people get less jail time for killing someone?

  • I always find it funny that people think 14 & 15 year olds don’t know anything and can’t make decisions.  What is it that make’s them magically change when they turn 16 or 18?  At 18 a girl can still get taken advantage of and now its not just by people close to her age but older adults as well except it’s completely legal.  At least while they are teens in high school their parents should have some idea of who they are spending time with.  Once they are out of the house who knows who they could end up getting taken advantage by.  I know I was pretty much the same during my teenage years and only started to change after graduating and going off to college even then it would have been easy to get taken advantage of considering how new everything is then. 

     It’s actually kind of funny to think about because my dad is older and has 5 older sisters and several of them were married before 18, one actually at 14.  He said back then most people didn’t finish high school and instead got married and started families very early.  In fact people wondered if he was gay when he was younger because he didn’t settle down till he was over 30.  That it wasn’t till later on that people started marrying later in life (I have a feeling that it has something to do with the 60′s and all those movements from that time period).  So what I wonder is why that was okay but now people of the same age are considered not mentally able to handle such things.  I’m not saying young teen marriages is right I’m just saying that maybe 14 isn’t as young and naive as people think it is.  Besides seniors date freshman all the time and considering that some people start school late due to their birthday or have to stay back at some point it isn’t out of the question to have a 19 year old and a 14 year old in the same school.  In fact when I went to a small school and couple people in my class actually graduate at 20.  Also I took high school courses when I was in 8th grade & then took upper level classes when I was in 9th grade, so I was in with some seniors.  To me once a person enters high school they should really stop being considered a child and start being a teen or young adult. I know its not the same for everyone and I really hate the whole age thing, I really wish their was an easier way to figure out one’s developmental age, as I think that’s more what these types of things should be based off of. 

  • Court shouldn’t have anything to do with people having sex past the age of 12…

  • Rules are rules. He broke the law and must do the time.

  • Ya know times are different when I was 15 no one thought anything about me dating a 22 year old he worked for my Dad and Dad liked him we dated for 2 years Cory was respectful and worked hard we most likely would have stayed together forever but he was killed in a bike accident…. but now the way things are I would hold my thoughts of yes it is wrong and and it really doesn’t matter if he didn’t know her age the law doesn’t care… and like I said I knew where my daughter was when she was 14 and she knew that she would have all heck to pay I would have taken her world away if she disobeyed me I mean no phone no friends  over stuck with Mom 24/7 on weekends double the chores…once I caught her skipping school and going to the pool hall to play the pinball machines I took 2 week off from work and rode the bus with her sat with her in class walked her to lunch to potty breaks everything she didn’t skip class again…I guess I was a wicked Mom and she just new better when she was a kid she thought I was mean now she thinks I was smart…

  • Yeah, unless they lived in Arkansas.

  • I think that’s a bit much. If she allowed him to have sex with her, then there shouldn’t be any charges because she allowed him. Not to mention, the damage was done about three years before he was charged.

    However, if the parents didn’t allow it, I’m sure jail time would be better, maybe a year in jail, not prison.
    Now, if the guy raped her, then 10 years in plenty.

  • no he shoudln’t, if she wanted it, then set him free!

     at 15 i had slept with a 19 year old, not that bad, most girls pick older guys anyway since guys our age are too immature. But if the 14 year was forced to have sex, then yes, he deserves jail time.

  • They both deserve their asses beat, especially if they knew so little about each other he might not have known her age. Where the hell are parents and common sense?You should NOT be having sex with someone you don’t know just for the hell of it. It’s idiocy like this that makes me anti-abortion. If you’re allowed to abort, what consequence do you have for being an idiot?

  • @SisterMom1954 - THAT’S what I’m talking about. ;D Nice going, Super Mom!

  • who doesn’t want to fuck a 14 year old girl?

  • 10 years in prison? That’s harsh, especially if we’re assuming that the sex was consensual. (You can make an argument for the 14-year-old not fully understanding the weight of her actions, but still, this is a far cry from sadistic rape.) I’d say some sort of fine, or maybe probation, is in order.

  • Without a doubt he should get 10 or more.  A 13 year old girl is  just 12 months over age 12.  No way did she have any idea of any kind of committal.  No matter wheather she was willing or not.  The guy?  He is a child molester and should be labeled and monitored as such.  Of course the article doesn’t give any details of whether he or she was mentally unstable, Is only way out as far as I am concerned is if he has the mind of a 5year old,. What is he going to do when he gets out in 5-7 years…look for a 16 year old?

  • @SisterMom1954 - You are an awesome mom!

  • They have these statutory rape laws to protect young girls from being taken advantage of.  They can’t make the laws knowing how mature the girl was, or wasn’t, or whether the guy knew her age, or whether it was consensual.  I made sure my boys knew, once they were nearing 18, that they could not even THINK about dating a younger girl – girls these days can say anything and get guys in trouble, whether anything happened or not. I’m glad they didn’t make those kind of mistakes.   I also know, from unfortunate experience, what some guys are thinking at that age – some are opportunists and they’ll do almost anything with any vulnerable or immature or naive female.  Perhaps the girl was willing….but what was she thinking?  Look at that guy!  Eeeesh.

  • Not if she was willing. My husband is that much older than me… and my parents are 10yrs apart. I understand that when ur younger it’s different in a lot of ways…. but, if a girl is going to whore around then i think its her business. If the parents kept a better handle on her then they wouldnt be so embarrassed and feel the need to punish the boy. If it was against her will… we call that rape. and it’s completely different.

  • @RaeChan77 - Thanks I was a single Mom most of the time and I had to be the bad guy she got mad at me when she was 16 and went to live with her Dad that lasted about 3 months and she was back home she had plenty of freedom and ended up getting in trouble for curfew we lived in a small town and her Dad was at work and I let her spend part of the night in the holding cell I sat in my Cop friends office and drank coffee while she stewed. When I took her home and she decided it was safer with me.  oh goodness she was up-set but she didn’t stay our late again until she was 18  maybe I had a strange way of handling my daughter but she turned out to be a pretty nice adult we are best friends now.  

  • She didn’t have a bag over her head, so she must have been good.

  •  Did he fuck like porn? 70 can fuck 18. Does it matter?

  • He looks like a white lil wayne

  • i think that it depends at 14 u can make your own choices and he is charged with having sex not rape i think that 10 years is a bit harsh but i can see why¬†

  • post pics of the girl not the creeper, fuck.

  • I’m 19. There’s no way in hell I’d be caught having sex with a 14-year-old. When you’re in your teens, there’s a stark difference in maturity levels with a five year age difference. The sex was probably coercive, so yes, I think he deserves whatever he gets.


    it’s not the age difference that’s the problem, it’s the fact that she’s 14!

    that’s what statutory rape is all about.

  • um Yes. Thats disgusting. maybe if she was 16 or 17 i could see it being a bit much, but she’s not even of age to GIVE CONSENT. && Unless she LIED about her age, he shouldve atleast attempted to find out how old she was. If she lied, then the charges should be lesser, but if he just didnt give a rats ass, well next time he will.

  • I’m assuming she gave consent &there’s always the possibility he did not know she was 14…
    I don’t think he deserves 10 years.

  • Hmmm this one is a little tricky for me to say. I don’t think he deserves 10 years in prison if the relationship was consensual. I think more of probation than jail time. I was 14 when I met my ex-husband we got married when I was 18 but got divorced by 22, but then again I would be pissed if a 19 year old boy was talking to my 14 year old daughter too.

  • Hmmm… Somebody had way too much time on their hands, including the parents. Did they do the best they could do in raising these kids?

  • You have an adult, by law, having sex with a child, by law. So the punishment fits the crime – he will be out earlier most likely.

  • I don’t think so. If they were dating, I don’t see anything wrong with it. It’s not a huge age gap. I’ve known it to happen in my high school, freshman and just-graduated seniors. Ten years is way too long to ruin his life. And I think 14-year-olds are pushing that age where they could be the ones encouraging sex. Sure, they don’t know what it is, but they know they want to do it. Some 14-year-olds no longer think of themselves as children, and it’s cruel that they might take advantage of their age to get sex without punishment from someone older.

  • He could get ‘up to’ 10 years in prison. Chances are the judge will give him less for pleading guilty. There weren’t enough details given in the article about the case so we don’t know the circumstances. If all the details were present we might even be saying he should get more than 10 years.

  • I think it all depends on if he was aware of her real age at the time. 

  • 10 years is too much. He is already going to have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.
    I have a story about my sister’s friend… I may end up posting that sometime today.

  • i was 14 once and well… they’re both still kids and should know right from wrong. no he doesn’t deserve punishment especially if there were mutual feelings involved.

  • yes, legally thats rape

  • Id like to know more before I should say anything.  But I do believe that a 19 year old boy and a 14 year old girl are closer in emotional age than some people would like to believe. 

  • That depends on the purpose of sentencing a person.  Is it to punish or is it to protect society.  If it is to protect society, I don’t think you need to make it 10 years.  If you are a sadist and like to punish people, then 10 years is fine.  Notice that I didn’t ask if sentencing were for rehabilitation.  Sentencing is the opposite of rehabilitation.

  • In my state, that’s illegal. He could only be four years older than her. If she was sixteen, it would be a different story. So yes, I think this is fair. Sorry. But it’s just creepy.

  • Did she know she was 14?

  • I think it depends on the situation. Was it CONSENSUAL sex? That makes a huge difference. Was she in any way intoxicated or coerced?
    If not, I don’t think he should be punished. She’s too young to be having sex, but that’s her parents’ issue.
    Why aren’t her PARENTS being punished? When I was fourteen, I never had an opportunity to have sex, let alone with someone five years older than myself.

  • In my experience of being a teen at the girls age I know I would feel the pressure of everyone else having sex already, some people even losing their virginity at the age of 10 and 12. I don’t think that he deserves the time or any punishment if she was consented to do so. It wasn’t rape. Sure, she may have not known what she was getting into but we all have to pay for the decisions that we make. She may have regretted it later but that would have been her fault. I see no reason why the boy should be punished.

  • Was it consensual? If the 14 year old said yes to consensual sex, then it’s bad morals on his part (if he knew she was that young), but not a crime imo. I’d be SUPER-PISSED if my 14yo slept with a 19yo, but if she did it willingly it’s sheer stupidity on her part, not a life-altering crime on his. I slept with my now husband when we were 15. So it makes it okay because we were both the same age? The logic escapes me.

  • As people have said, it’s a delicate subject with many variables. I don’t think any of us have sufficient knowledge to know whether or not he deserves 10 years in prison.

    Anyone who says YES! or NO! is just being plain ignorant.

  • !4 year old girls CAN be extremely mature looking, and acting, and yet are still children. Hence the reason for the “2 year rule” in age differences for sex as minors.

    The problem is that 19 year old males are also very immature(brain doesn’t  fully develop until mid to late 20′s).

    A mandated class on human psych, human sexuality, and the law, and probation until the young man is closer to the mature brain stage. UNLESS, this went beyond statutory rape and the girl did NOT consent, in which case, yeah, 10 years. Go for broke.

    Oregon has mandatory minimum sentences for a variety of crimes. I don’t agree with that at all. There are kids losing their childhood for stupid actions in which no one really got hurt, and tossing them in prison for 13 years is teaching them how to do the job better and not get caught so easily next time!

  • Why is this punished more severely than making a guy suicide himself by streaming his intimacy? There’s so many sides to this and we don’t know shiznit about the case? 

     @thedommediaries - I fully agree with you. There’s such a humongous amounts of girls who can pass as older than they are, and yes, they actually are taking this kind of decisions in spite of all of the SexEd they get in high schools and university campuses (where people actually hail more to that carefree frat lifestyle). Don’t cover your eyes, people! Just go and check with the Census Bureau. Why is there, then, a statistic for women ages 15 to 19 bearing one, two, even three children? In the last year?

    People, light up.

  • 10 years seems a bit excessive for having sex with a girl when she was 14. Here, 14 is the age of consent. If she was even couple years younger, I think 10 years would be appropriate because that removes here from that grey area of teenager. Of course I’m biased and basing this on the laws here. I’m a bit torn; on one hand he broke a law in his jurisdiction, on the other, prison is a really terrible place and I’m not sure he’s the guy I would want taking up that spot.

  • @Drakonskyr - Well, she was 14.. so most likely not. Because that’s just gross.

  • They make laws for a reason.  Why are you even questioning this? 

  • What if it was your daughter?  Would you even ask this dumb question Dan? 

  • No, what the fuck..

    It’s not like it was rape or anything. If it was, then i’d understand…

  • @grammarboy - I agree with you grammarboy.  And I have to add a further note.  It seems to me that the USA tends to consider jail time the perfect antidote to criminal offenses.  It is not!

    Jail is rather a school for crime.  In this situation, a much more fitting penalty would be to sentence the young man to 150 hours of community service, in my opinion.

  • The article is very vague on any details. He was charged with sexual abuse, a class C felony which means he will have to carry this around for the rest of his life if he’s convicted. I wish our laws allowed judges to investigate cases like this individually because in my experience 14 year old girls are all very different. Some are mature and experienced enough to understand and others aren’t. The article doesn’t say whether he forced or manipulated her into it or if she actively sought out sex with him for all we know he could have been an innocent virgin and she the one with experience at seduction and I think it should make a difference. The hard fact though is that as the laws are now, fair or not, whether she’s willing or not, he should have known better. If he knew her age then he knew the risk he was taking and chose to take it. By the time my daughters are 14 they fully understand sexuality and are responsible for choices they make in that area. Even if the guy were older and a jerk I wouldn’t dream of pressing charges if my daughter was a willing participant. If one of my daughters were threatened or forced into sex on the other hand I would probably kill the guy so we wouldn’t have need of a court case for sexual abuse but possibly one for murder.

  • Well, it’s the law so technically yes, but personally I think statuatory rape laws are stupid once the minor is a teenager.

  • Hell yeah! But I also believe that the girl should get some punishment as well. Not as bad, but definitely something that could possibly wake her ass up. Why do they keep doing it over and over? Because they can’t get in trouble…..duh! No wonder why there are so many sluts…

  • wellll if she consented to it, i dont think he should have any time in jail. a lot of younger girls go around wanting to have sex with older guys. 

  • C’mon really? NO he does not deserve that.

    Think about it. It’s like a senior in high school with a freshman. I had plenty of friends who were in that same situation. This is classic life in America. Why is this guy getting called out for it?

  • holy shit i feel bad for him. :(

  • Apart from the fact that girls mature more quickly in some ways than boys, there are considerable differences between 14-year-old girls and 19 year-old adult men even (mentioned since that is what this article is about, specifically), differences in maturity, socialization, wealth of knowledge, ability to apply knowledge to real life situations, ability to carry out decisions as a minor vs. an adult, experience, and cognition.

    Also at the heart of the issue is an incredible difference in the power ratio, something that in and of itself lends toward abuse to such a degree that, yes, there should be prohibitive penalties such as 10 year sentences.

    A child only gets to be a child once and raping a childhood is inexcusable, the ramifications can last decades and even a lifetime.

  • Absolutely not!!! As long as she concented!!!

  • I wonder if this would be an issue if he was 14 and she was 19 at the time, hmm. There is too much emphasis on age in the civilized world. Just because you reach a certain age doesn’t mean you’re ready for sex, or drinking, or driving, or preschool, it’s up to the individual. In cases where there is no harm to anyone, just drop it. We are more than the laws we make people!

  • yes because it is consider to be rape. 19 years old male is adult, and 14 years old female is girl, young kid. her mind is not fully development, so he take advantage of her.

  • 14 is too young, even if she was “consenting.  She was a child and he had no business touching her.

  • Dang.

    I know a 20 year old who is with a 14 year old.They’ve been together since he was 19 and she was 13.
    They supposedly love each other… but…. has she even hit PUBERTY yet? Does she honestly even LOOK like a woman?
    Seriously. Then I bet she’s gonna hit puberty and he’s not going to like it.
    As for him being charged… I don’t believe a 14 year old can honestly make the decision to have sex and fully understand every aspect of that decision. Even if she gave consent, her reasoning was of that of a 14 year old. Not of an adult, not of someone who is even of that state’s age of consent. He should be charged just because of that lack of judgement… and because that’s grody. Seriously. How he could even be sexually attracted to a child?! He’s sick. Even if she does look like a woman, she is STILL a child!
    10 years is kind of harsh though. But I can’t think of an appropriate amount of time.

  • The girl was below the age of consent, was still legally a minor, and therefore it doesn’t really matter what her body was like and so on. The fact is that she is legally too young for that kind of activity and so on. The guy will be out in say 5 years anyway, assuming that he doesn’t get into any trouble whilst incarcerated, and therefore the question should really be does the guy deserve 5 years in prison for what he did? In my opinion he deserves a hell of a lot more, but its unlikely to happen like that. 

  • Legally, a minor cannot give consent. He should have known better. It gets muddier when both kids having sex are minors… Jails and prisons would be filled with kids if we prosecuted every minor kid who had some sort of sexual contact with another kid. 19 and a 14 year old? He could in fact be sexually deviant and a risk to society. We live in economically challenging times and many offenders far more dangerous than this one are being let out on the streets because there is not money to run our prisons. You could put a sex offender on lifetime tether, but that again requires an investment in staff that would monitor their whereabouts. I’ve been thinking for a long time now with all the economic ills on the federal front the past 10-15 years that it will come down to folks having to make a fundamental decision. Are we willing to invest in law enforcement and prisons to keep our communities safe, or are we more interested in tax cuts. Are we committed to giving our youth an education that makes them competitive in a world economy, or are we more interested in tax cuts. Do we desire community services we take for granted, or are we more interested in tax cuts. Politicians of all stripes, whether Dems, GOP or Tea Partiers, have learned the art of talking out of both sides of their mouths but aren’t willing to tackle some pretty fundamental questions.

  • He must be punished.

  • He knew better,  yes he shouldl get his butt tossed in prison.

  • definately. not only the change in physical development but even more so emotional development between 14 and 19 is huge!

    A fourteen year old is not even developmentally able to consent to sex because she has no concept what impact it will have on her emotions and body.

    Ten years around older men might be a good excersize for him.

  • not 10 years, but there definitely need to be repercussions.

  • Pictures or it didn’t happen.

  • I knew so many 14 year olds who were having sex; I even knew 13 year olds having sex. This is really stupid. We had sex ed several times between elementary school and high school. They know exactly what they’re doing when they’re doing it, and if it wasn’t a 19 year old it’d be someone else. It’s not like he was 19 and she was 11. She was a high school age.

    I think the people getting alarmed and crazy are the ones who haven’t been in high school for a while. I’m a freshman in college; I still remember my freshman year very clearly and I remember the girls I met that that were freshmen when I was older.

  • There isn’t really that much information on the situation for me to want to say anything… for all I know, he was tricked or being framed. For all I know, he was a grade A pedo-douche. Though… I agree with a lot of comments here, why did it thake him so long to get charged… 

    Has there been other incidents? cause that would change everything too. I know a guy who dated middle school girls as he was getting out of college… I guess you can’t help who you like. 

  • I think my mate did that when she was 14, because she wanted to.
    I dont think he should get 10 years! FUCKING HELL!

  • I dont know the full story anyway, so I cant give my opinion.

  • If he knew that this girl was 14 then absolutely. A 14 year old should not be having sex in the first place, let alone with a 19 year old. However, I do know that girls tend to appear older and will lie about their age…That’s where things get weird because can you condemn a guy for having sex with a girl who he thought was older?

    So gross though.

  • Now look at it this way, she’s 16 he’s 21, or she’s 18 and he’s 23. Suddenly no one cares.
    Also, people mistake early teens for being absolutely retarded dont know what the hell they’re doing kind of people.
    Kids are smarter than you think, and even at that age they are starting to feel the pressure of becoming “mature adults”
    It won’t be long before they start driving, maybe get a job, picking out a college they want to go to.
    It wasn’t rape, and it wasn’t molestation. If it was Consensual sex between the two and not just some guy getting his rocks off cause she’s 14 or she getting her rocks off cause he’s 19, then i think its fair game.
    Heres a fun one, What if it was her that actually “Raped” him? Who would go to jail?

  • fuck no! He doesn’t deserve any time, unless he raped her. 14 year olds know what they’re doing.

  • @Hishouken - TOTALLY.

    It’s a stupid law. Idk what it’s like in the USA but sex younger than 16 years old is illegal in the UK. It’s a very very tedious subject and to be honest not many people get charged with it, however if a bloke is caught having sex with an underage girl (very much this scenario) then he can be prosecuted. I second what Hishouken says, and that he only deserves a punishment if she did not give consent. Technically, in the court of law, if you have sex with someone who is underage it’s count as “rape”. Bollocks to that. That sounds very mixed up and confused. Rape is sexual intercourse without consent. You cannot sit there and say that just because they were underage, doesn’t mean they didn’t give their consent. 
    And it’s not like people are abusing this law either. There have been cases where girls have turned around and went “well actually he didn’t rape me, I just wanted to see him go to prison because he broke my heart” I refuse to believe all those scenarios have been found out. God knows how many poor blokes are behind bars because their girlfriends stitched them up with the law. It’s an invalid law and it makes me angry.
    I don’t care about “protecting young girls”. If they give their consent they give their consent. They might regret it but they shouldn’t be mixing with blokes who are 5 years their senior. And blokes who are 5 years senior should know better. In my opinion the law assumes that people can’t make the right concious choice for themselves until they’re 16, but it’s a load of bollocks.

  • @bluezbrewsbbqz - I agree. Whatever the law is for commiting that crime should be it.

  • He’ll get plenty of sex in prison…..with other guys that is..

  • if it was willingly… nope

    cause they are plenty of those going around, why pick him out?it aint gonna make him an example. its just gonna ruin his life

  • @seeker_nyc - The age of consent in Iowa is 16, with a close in age exemption for those aged 14 and 15, who may engage in sexual acts with partners less than 4 years older. Section 709.4 states: A person commits sexual abuse in the third degree when the person performs a sex act under any of the following circumstances… 2(c) The other person is fourteen or fifteen years of age and any of the following are true…(4) The person is four or more years older than the other person.

    I had to look it up so yeah, he deserves everything that he’s got coming to him.

  • @ScorpioInBlack - That’s what I was thinking. It seems pretty off… not saying what he did was right.. but 10 years? 

  • No. If they were both okay with it No. I have always dated younger women. And yes yes I know its different the older you get. My GF is 28 and Im 38. There has always been a 5 year gap or more for me. In Iceland the legal marriage age is 12 which in my opinion is too young, but people always have and always will have sex young. I waited until I was 21 but I have no issue with two consenting teens having sex regardless of what the law says. 

  • Not if the 14-year-old girl was okay with it. If she was, big fucking deal. People need to get over it.

  • okay I mean that’s kind of fucked up and it was really stupid of him to do that. But look at that “got into a sexual RELATIONSHIP”. Keep in mind everyone, the only issue here is the sexual intercourse. Being in a relationship with someone regardless of their age IS NOT ILLEGAL.

    I think if this guy had a history of going around sleeping with underage teenage girls then he would deserve everything he got no matter how harsh the sentence, but from the sounds of it he got into a relationship with this girl before they had consensual sex, I don’t see any mention of the word rape.

    I honestly believe the entire situation is retarded though. We’re talking about THREE YEARS and there’s no mention of any other scenarios like this one since then. Some of you people honestly believe he deserves to spend the remainder of his youth rotting in jail for this? Not to mention this WILL destroy his life, having something like this on his record.


  • on a side note though that guy looks like a total creeper

  • 10 years?  That seems stupid.  

  •  How naive the 14-year-old is depends on how she was raised and how developed she was. I’ve met some very mature 14 year olds and I have met others who act like they’re still 5. One of my closest friends was already a D by the time she was 14 and she always dressed up. She could definitely pass for 20 if she wanted to and I would not have put it past her to try and hook up with a guy and lie about her age. People confuse me for a 14 year old most of the time and assume my sisters are much older when I am the oldest. I am 22. You can’t always tell by appearance. If they were dating and it was consensual then he shouldn’t have such a harsh sentence. 

  • I’d say he deserves maybe some form of punishment, but I think ten years is a little much. If he actually went out and raped her, then yeah, I could agree with the sentence, but being that it was consensual, no. Maybe like, a few months in prison at the most if anything, though, because that is a pretty large age gap.

  • I disagree. 14 in this modern day society is hardly a “child”  .. so many 14 year olds have already begun drinking, trying drugs, and having sex. there was actually JUST a post in the “top blogs” section on xanga about how it was considered “lame” for a 13 year old to still have their virginity. A 14 year old girl in most cases is very developed and most likely looks and tries to act older than her age. this is ridiculous. she probably wanted it just as much (if not more!) than he did .. i bet she was very proud of herself to have an older boyfriend .. the system is so screwed up. 

  • If it wasn’t rape then no, he should get less. 

  • This isn’t a case of Romeo and Juliet laws because the age difference would be minor (1-3 years probably) instead of 5 years.  Although 5 years doesn’t seem like a long time for an adult, it is a big deal for minors (if you’re a teen and you were grounded for a month, that is a long time!).  The man had sex with a minor and unfortunately for him the current law is clear and very much well known about what’s not okay.  Is 10 years harsh?  He’s going to be a registered sex-offender and so when he’s released he’s pretty much going to be screwed.  Who’s going to hire you and where are you going to live?  He’s 22 now and that’s hard to imagine that a chunk of his life is taken away.  It is harsh.  I don’t agree with it.  We really need revisit statutory rape laws and revisit this whole thing about sex offenders.  However, it is the law and what do you expect if you break the law?  

  • i had sex with an 18 year old when i was 14. i’m 19 now, and looking back it seems kind of weird, but i definitely don’t regret it.

  • That depends was it sex or rape? See here in Hawaii only a few years ago the legal age for consent was 14, as long as there was only a 4 year diff in age. so if it was in Hawaii he wouldn’t even be getting in trouble. unless it was rape. they moved it up to 16 recently.because well some people don’t know how to keep there pants on. I guess. So that brings us right back to my question was it “sex” as in consensual.
    or was it “rape” as in non-consensual.I know I could have read your link, I will after this, but anyway. I don’t think he deserves any kind of punishment. unless it was rape. and I think  a lot of the people who do think he deserves punishment, are just assuming it was rape. 14 isn’t that young, a lot of these teenagers learn about sex much younger, and are completely capable or knowing what they are consenting to. they just may not have the maturity to understand the consequence, but you live and learn.

  • Not enough information given.

  • “Your Honor, as the father of this young girl I just want to say that my family and I have forgiven him and we encourage you to be lenient. I truly think simple probation would be a more appropriate punishment than a prison sentence. He should be free to walk the streets … where I can find him.”

  • O.k. read the link,Now I know this was just stupid. He was in a relationship with her,so that mean it was his girlfriend. so there’s no way I can say he deserves punishment. it wasn’t rape, it wasn’t molestation, it was consensual sex between two people who knew what they wanted. dumb, this is so dumb.

  • @taylorstanley01 - I totally agree with you, Finally someone with a brain…and yeah yeah he does look like a creeper haha.

  • no way!the probably wanted it just as much (if not more) than he did!

  • Uhm. Have you seen the 14 year old people these days? They’re not exactly children.

  • Morally, it’s hard to know exactly where to draw the line in these cases, and I think it depends a lot on the particular details. But offhand, I’d say 10 years seems somewhat extreme. 

  • when I was 13 I was going to bars and not even getting carded. At 13 I was dating much older men than 19 and it wasn’t because they were pervs it was because I was one of the few that was more mature at that age. But then at 13 I didn’t live with my parents most of the time, I had a job that paid my rent and everyone thought I was 17-23.

    As for the charges against this guy….did he prey on her or were they friends that just evolved into something more. And why is he being charged so much later? That isn’t right? unless he has other charges similar.

  • i always blame the girl in situations like this.
    do you really expect a 19 year old BOY to say no?

  • of course not! look at the teacher and the student.. i forgot the name, but she had a 2nd chance and was free as long as she don’t make contact with the boy. She was in her 20s? I believe and he was 12… But she couldn’t leave the boy so had sex with him again and then was only sent to jail for 7 years… So I think at max this guy if convicted should be sent to jail no more than 5 years. But I think this guy deserve a second chance also. There’s no crime if it’s not rape.

  • He’s 22 now, so why is this happening NOW if this happened 3 years ago? I don’t get it. Also, did he know she was 14? Who’s the one pressing charges, anyway? Is it her parents, her, or the state?

  • @taylorstanley01 - Agreed. Thank you for being in most likely the very low percentile of people who actually read the article (which wasn’t really all that informative to begin with).

  • i see it like this……if they are both in they’re “teens” it shouldn’t be a problem but 14 and 19??…it just doesn’t sound right. But i DONT think he should face that long in jail…he should get like 5 mos and some community service. my personal opinion.

  • @taylorstanley01 - lol he does look like a creep.

  • First of all, did he know how old she was? Second of all, is this like a revenge type of situation? Where they were in some sort of relationship, loved each other, had sex, and then the guy dumped her & now shes getting back at him? o_o

  • I’m 15 almost 16 and I’m in love with a 24 year old but I’m waiting 3 years to lose it to him because of stupid bullshit like this. 

  • For those of you who say “yes, because the girl is waay to young” “inexperience”……when you where 14 you know you wanted some sex, gender doesnt matter when you hit puberty and you get horny.

  • I’m a tight ass when it comes to kids. So this whole deal is a no-go whether she gave consent or not. A 19 year-old with a 14 year-old is a red flag all around. I don’t see how anyone could be so lenient and justify this in any aspect whatsoever. Are women his own age so hard to come by? Or is it that a younger girl is less of a challenge because she is so “mature” than people her age? I don’t care if it’s 5 years, one month, and 4 days….she was still under age. I know each state has their own age of consent, but this is a flat-out shame. Yes he does deserve ten years. Let him think about what he did. Even if he gets out on good behavior, he still needs to know there’s consequences for things like this,

  • ten years? ten fucking year. he will probably get rape

  • If the girl did not give her consent then yes he should.

    But if she did then there is no way he should be given ten years! That’s outrageous!

    Yes, she was way too young but TEN years taken away from his life for that? Come on. x|

    Edit: I do think it is wrong but a few years is enough. Not ten. Definitely not.

  • NO, what the hull??
    Some kids are having sex at 14, what’s the big deal with that if they are properly educated and willing to do it?
    It shouldn’t be encouraged, but it should be legal… I mean, why is it legal for minors to have sex with each other, and not legal if you’re a few years older??

  • ewwww I’m nauseous. Pedophiles should never be let out of jail >.<

  • NO… 14 years old? considering we get sex education when we are 9, the girl has had 5 years to think about it.

    and.. its not like the guy strapped her down and said she had to….. that would be rape….

  • @Simply_Forgettable - No it is not, that is a ridiculous statement.

  • There are some fourteen year olds who look much older than 14, so if she didn’t tell him her real age… I don’t really think it’s his fault.  It sounds creepy, but I knew some 14 y/o’s when I was growing up who knew what they were doing… It’s still sad that they were having sex with people older than them like that (I knew one girl who’d been with 8 guys at 14… that was just sad, she was into drugs and all sorts of stuff), but she still knew… So I’m going to say ten years is too much time unless it was rape.  Then he deserves MORE than that. 

  • No.  Chances are, he knew she was 14. She knew he was 19.  She did it anyway, then she got mad cause they didn’t “live happily ever after” and decided to make charges against him.  14 year olds nowadays know damn good and well what sex is, and they still try to make themselves look like sex objects.  I’m not saying it was her fault, but I don’t think he deserves even any jail time at all.

  • @samDoesYourMomSama - I totally agree with you.  14 year olds want it just like the rest of us.

  • He really has the face of a child molester, if I may say so. 

  • Sadly, this is something all parents should tell their teenage boys…


  • Some girls go slut at 14 now adays anyway.

    Forget 10 year, more like 10 days is good.

  • even if it was consensual, i don’t think he cared it was statutory rape since he went through with it anyways– sounds like both of them were mentally the same age.

  • @Drakonskyr - Hahaha.

    Well he looks like a charming young man….Haha okay, all kidding aside, it really depends on the circumstances. If they were in a relationship, I don’t think he deserves to go to jail for ten years. But if he was purely using her for sex, shame on him, he should totally go to jail. 14 years old seems far too young to be having a sexual relationship…you still have a lot of growing up to do at that age. However, I lost my virginity at 14 with a boyfriend I had been in a relationship with for over a year. He had just turned 16 so we were both minors. It was the most special experience with him, and I’m very grateful I got to experience sex in a loving way first. Many girls are not that lucky. Bottom line is though, the law isn’t really lenient based on whether they were in a relationship or not. The law is the law, she is legally a minor, if he wanted to use a girl for sex he should have found someone his own age. That’s a responsibility you have to understand once you’re a legal adult, and he obviously did not understand or respect that. Perhaps a couple years in jail will do the trick.

  • Yes, absolutely. Send him up and let the dad have a swat at him too. I’m just wondering where was the dad in this? Why wasn’t he watching over his little girl?

  • I think that we are focusing too much on rigid definitions of childhood and adulthood.  At 19, the brain is highly developed, but it does not finish developing until one is 25.  At 14, the brain is not as highly developed, but one isn’t completely devoid of rational thinking either.  I think that the difference in age (read: experience and critical thinking ability) is substantial here; so what he did is wrong, but I don’t think it’s horrific, especially if she agreed to it and even more so if they were in a relationship.  I haven’t taken an in depth look at this case, but from the evidence presented here I think 5-8 years and being added to the sex offender registry would be more appropriate.  For comparison, the average first degree murder gets around 18 years.  He does look pretty creepy though…

  • That’s fucked up. Maybe if she was raped. But it sounds like she wasn’t, so ten years is completely overboard. My parents were 14 & 19 when they had sex, WHO THE FUCK CARES. 

  • Two words: Statutory Rape.  Put him a way…. 

  • You’d be extremely surprised how “fast” these fourteen year old girls actually are. I remember going to the movie theater and this group of girls aged around 13-14 we’re wearing this teeny shorts and tank-tops. What they had on their legs was the double take. They had words like Whore, Slut, Dick, Cocksucker all written in sharpie on their thighs and legs. And they were flaunting it like it was nothing. Sure he was nineteen. But I bet that girl knew what she was getting into. And it takes two…unless its actual rape. If he’s getting ten years someone should send her to a covenant. 

  • i believe that, kids at age 14 shouldnt be having sex, and that dude shouldnt have done such a disgraceful thing.

    seriously, at 14, thats like…..really young. its very disturbing that kids that tiny are having sex. what the heck happened to america!?!?

    oh well =[ i guess id better get used to it. as for me, i believe that guy is a disgrace, and he shouldve known better

  • When I was 14, I was dating a 19 year old. At the time, I was very mature for my age. We still kept things to ourselves for a while, because it was pretty apparent noone would accept it. And we kept things moving at a very slow pace. More so, so I could mature. Funny thing is, looking back on it, I see how immature I truly was. I see how we were in very different stages in our lives. We still talk now. We dated on and off for the past 5 years. But everything makes more sense in retrospect. It is a very difficult matter for someone else to judge, especially if they dont know all of the details. At the end of the day, I think he should have still been aware of her age, and made better decisions. But I dont think 10 years is an appropriate punishment at all. ESPECIALLY if she consented. 

  • Bad, just bad
    I do not want to read the story though. BUT did she want him too..did she have sex with him over a time period more than a few times???? than I’d say no, he ought not be in jail 10 years.our jails are overcrowded..and more murderers need to be in for 10 yrs, and more abusers, molesters, pedophiles need to be in..but I guess a law is a law, and if he knew he was breaking a law..well..then..he ought to know the consequences.

  • I mentioned your blog but I don’t know how to tag yet.  http://sultry-sally.xanga.com/733637384/18-and-sexy—sally/

  • if the two of them were in a relationship then it the girls fault just as much as the guys….

  • Ten years?!  Maybe if he was a couple of years older or 29!  IDK.  I’ve got a question.  What if it were 19 year old woman and 14 year old boy who looks like he was big enough to pass for 19 or 20 years old, should she get 10 years in prison?

    @TheGreatBout - LOL!  It’d be funny if he opened his mouth and had a platinum grill!

  • The law is the law.  I think it’s bizarre when people in their early twenties or older hang out with teens, particularly young teens. 

  • @thedommediaries - I completely agree. 

    Also, someone mentioned that in maturity, they aren’t too far apart.

    I lost mine at 14 to an 18 year old. That relationship lasted over a year and a half. Ironically, I left him because I didn’t feel like he was on my level of intellect or maturity.
    Thinking back, I feel like I was sound in mind when I made the decision.So NO. Depending on their circumstances, I would hope that he wouldn’t receive 10 years. Punishment, though, for breaking the law.
    I wouldn’t have called myself “mature for my age”, but my influencing crowd generally consisted of people 18yrs old more or less. My social skills adapted to theirs and for the sake of backing things up, I’ve always had a high GPA and had a college reading level in elementary school. I even looked 18. So it wouldn’t have been hard for anyone to mistake me for an “adult”. At that time, I attracted a lot of 18-22 year olds. I don’t believe that they should be deemed as pedophiles for being attracted to me. 

    And anyway,come on, if you think about it. 19– you’re still a kid.

  • well if it was rape then yea..but if that girl gave consent then its too harsh she is at fault too

  • idk but this is kind of dumb. There is nothing that says that he raped her or anything, it just said that they had sex, maybe they were some sort of couple and they just didn’t meet out of the blue. Also 5 years apart isn’t that big of a deal, some girls that are 15 look as if they were 20, plus just like someone else said, the maturity lvl between a 14 year old and a 19 year aren’t that far apart. Anyways that creepy pic doesn’t really help him lol, but if they both had sex willingly then I don’t see anything wrong with it. I bet if she was 17 and he was 18 at the time ppl would look at it differently even tho she would still be a child and he an adult.

  • i think its still fucked up that he had sex with a fourteen year old and he is 19. but then again i guess the senior does date the freshman, maybe not ten years but still what can a thirteen year old really have body wise 

  • 10 years is a bit much, especially if the girl consented to it. I’ve known about other far more serious crimes where the culprit would get away with a couple months in gaol. it’s stupid. 

  • He looks like my ex-boyfriend. But yeah, he needs to be imprisoned.

  • Gosh, sex crimes are some of the most over abused set of laws that we have.  It seems like 80% of sex crimes are dealt with in grey areas… case in point, this one!  Sure its highly awkward that a 19 year old would have sex with a 14 year old, but honestly, if she consented — neither of them did anything wrong.  The fact that the law specifies when a person can sexually consent is a bit superfluous.  If a 14 year old girl split her legs to a 19 year old, that is just called a bad decision.  Or just… a decision!  Nothing inherently bad.  However, since all we are working with is a person’s word of testimony verses another word of testimony (assuming the guy didn’t tape it)… you cant be 100% sure that he didn’t force her into a situation she didn’t want to be in.  So, essentially we just treat everyone with worst case scenario possibilities when one cant be sure.  All hail the american judicial system!!

  • I think its funny how this guy gets 10 years when the two kids get 5 years each for outed the gay guy who in turn killed himself. Something about the law system strikes me funny sometimes.

  • A 14-year-old is still a child, in my book.  But 10 years is a little excessive if she completely and totally consented after having dated him for a significant period of time.

  • seriously 14 is too young? lets see a normal 14 year old is 8th-9th grader. I think you know what sex is by then and know what can result from it. 10 years not if she concented. my boyfriend is also 5 years & 2 months older than me and we got together when i was 16 he was 21. nothing wrong with it.

    i also lost my virginity 3 months after i turned 14 for a guy who was 16. wer

  • If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime. I personally think a 19 year old, a legal adult, is having sex with a 14 year old, a child, they have some serious issues. It’s pretty disgusting.

  • Was her name Taylor Momsen?

  • No. He doesn’t. My god.

  • Maybe the two people cared about each other a lot and were actually in a stable relationship? There are actually plenty of people who lose their virginity at 14. If she filed charges for rape then that’s another story. but if it’s consensual then….??????? too bad they weren’t in canada. =p

  • If she agreed to it, then I think he should still be punished, but not for 10 years.

  • have you seen kids these days? I’m only 20, and some girls at age 11 are doing what I only saw my peers do at 16-18. Times are a-changing. Maybe the kids you know don’t do that, but walk around an old mall. the kids you don’t know…. some 14 year olds are just asking for it. I blame him for not checking, and I blame him for not constraining himself. It is his fault.

    but hot damn, 10 years? and when they hear what he did, those inmates are going to be plugging the fresh meat. He doesn’t deserve that.

  • i dont think he should be charged for having sex with the 14 year old, that is, if its not rape or anything.
    because it seems that the little girl was willing to have sex with him anyway, so he shouldn’t be charged for it.

  • @Drakonskyr - It depends on the state, but in most states, a fourteen year old, CAN’T consent.

    Personally, I think statuatory rape laws tend to be a *little* excessive… but I believe that laws are generally written for a reason, to provide structure and guidelines. In this case, the law is clear; a 14 year old can not consent to having sexual relations with a 19 year old. Therefore, it is rape, and he should be charged as such.

    And just because he could get the max doesn’t mean he will. It’s highly unlikely he’ll serve anymore than 5. And if he pleads out, he’ll get probably half the sentence, and then time off for “good behavior”.

  • I’m really annoyed that people keep saying stuff about it being “consensual”. Please, understand this: The law says that at the age of 14, she CANNOT CONSENT TO SEX. Period. So, yes, it IS statuatory rape. Which is why he is BEING CHARGED WITH RAPE.

    End rant.

  • I wonder why it was 3 years later.  I knew someone in high school that was 14 and slept with a senior who was 18.  She had no problem with it, until he dumped her a few months later.  Then she said she was going to press charges.  THAT I think is just wrong.  Its a way for a girl to get back at her ex.  

    I also would like to point out that not only would this guy face jail time but most likely would have to be registered as a sex offender, a title that would affect his life in so many ways forever. I think that without seeing the whole picture its really hard to judge.  Like did he know how old she was, were they in a relationship and she only brought up charges when the broke up, was she a virgin before hand?  I think sometimes statutory rape can be very unfair to the older partner.  Honestly, who here hasnt had a relationship which could constitute the molestation of a child?  Who here hasnt participated in statutory rape?  

  • it seems harsh, but he knew the consequences of his actions. he should have known better.

  • Hm well seeing as how this is going to destroy his life, make him a predator and put him on “the list”.. I’d say doing 10 years on top of that is pretty harsh. I bet he won’t get that many years, maybe 2 or 3. 

  • Yes he SHOULD. She is no way legal to give consent, statutory rape is the term.

  • The family and girl are not pressing charges.  It has been three years. And the STATE is trying him.  Did the article even tell in what context this had happened?  We don’t even know the circumstances of which it has come about.   He hasn’t even been found guilty or been on trial, and his photo has been posted.  This guy is guilty before he ever gets to make a fair trial; this man’s life is ruined.  You people make me sick because you’ve already written him off in your head without knowledge of proper context and a fair trial that everyone of you  as Americans are entitled to.

    Stuff to think about: So its consensual sex and normal at the age of 16, but the minute you go to another state it suddenly becomes “child molestation” “rape” and the girl is “not ready to make a decision”?  
    Secondly, I heard the point that “at that age, you don’t even understand what you are consenting to” or that “She doesn’t have the capacity to make decisions”.  Uh, decision making part of the brain does not fully develop until our mid-20′s.  By your logic, we’re not even ready to make a true informed decision until then.  Even adults are prone to make stupid and bad decisions.
    I’m not saying that it was okay, or that there shouldn’t be an age limit.   I’m not saying I agree with what he did.  But lets not start pointing fingers and demean him because of your feelings about “morality” with no real facts and no trial.  For all we know, the police are going on no real proof, and forced a confession looking for an answer.  There are laws there to protect young women from predators, rapists and all manner of low life bottom feeders.  The law being used here isn’t here to protect anyone or provide closure to that family (and again, we don’t even know the circumstances. it could have been consensual, and they don’t want to press charges).  The law here is self-parody, and compliant only to serve itself, at the expense of 1.) ruining the rest of this young mans life  2.) dragging the family and the girl’s name through the mud and digging up things they want to keep personal. 

  • Gross,not only are 14 years old too immature to make smart decisions about sex they can also be child-like in appearance. When you’re 14 you don’t have a fully developed womens body, most 14 year olds have narrower hips than the average women.  I guess I am a weirdo but I can USUALLY tell a 14 year old from an 18 or 19 year old, just by hip size and even butt size.  So this dude probably has no excuse, he likes young teenagers…young teenagers are children, and that is just gross.  Who knows what other 12 year old with a B cup would fall victim to this dude?  

  • no. Just a psychology class and some community service will do.

  • Nooo, he doesn’t. But it really depends on the situation.

  • I clicked the link, but I didn’t really see any details to the story.  I was 14 when I started having sex, and he was 18.  I am certainly not proud of this, but I had a very tough upbringing to say the least.  I wasn’t given much hope or direction as I moved from home to home.  I wanted to feel close to someone and have some warmth, and of course I should’ve gone about it in a different way.  BUT, I am more upset with myself for losing my virginity before marriage than anything else…not that I had sex with someone while I was so young, and not that he used me and broke my heart.  I would never say that he should be in jail though. I wanted it, and I got it.  My mistakes are my own. I’m sure he has some he has to deal with as well.

    If it was a matter of actual rape, then yes, he needs to be jailed. I would want to know the details on this before I formed an opinion on this person’s freedom and rights. Why is it taking 3 years for him to be considered a predator?

  • I think 10 years is extreme if he had the girls consent. When you get arrested for that it pretty much ruins the rest of your life. Where I’m from they then consider you a sex offender and you can’t live in certain places, its harder to get a job and everyone thinks your like a serious rapist that goes around having sex with people against their will. (They send letters when sex offenders move by me and it just says Rape on the paper not what kind of rape it is) 

  • I think this is a little harsh. I think the details need to be told first before people make serious opinions. My opinion would be if both parties gave consent. I don’t think he deserves 10 years, I’m not sure if I think he deserves any prison time. Community service, probation, etc, definitely. I can see why people would be upset about this. 14 and 19 are a big difference. My first sexual exploit was when I was 14, it wasn’t sex, but it was head, and the guy was a few weeks from being 17. I think he was wrong in pressuring me because I was young and I didn’t know any better, but I wanted to impress him because he was 17 and I thought that was so cool at 14. I would never go after him though and try and get him put in jail for what happened. I knew what was going on, I wasn’t brain dead, I had the ability to say no and I had the ability to get rid of him, but I didn’t. I liked him and made a mistake in doing what I did. If he raped her, then, yes he should get at least 10 years if not more. I just think 19 is young, too. I think it’s too young to be making distinguishes between right and wrong. At 19, most guys aren’t thinking that something they do will result in prison time. I know when I was 19 all I wanted to do was be wild and have fun. I didn’t think of consequences. I feel bad for him and for her. They obviously both made mistakes.  

  • Not 10 years, but then again all Americans should be thrown in prison.

  • @ordinary_gir1 -   So if a bunch of guys raped you, it’s perfectly o.k. cause you have a vagina.  Isn’t that what vaginas are for after all, so guys can give them a good fucking, otherwise they don’t need dicks – hell they could piss outa their big toe?

  • OK heres my thought

    There is to be a Federal Law if you are  caught having sex with a minor you go to jail for min. 10 years period. This poor guys going to jail but Brittney Spears sister who was 15 or 16 when she was on Nickleodene got knocked up by her 19 year old boy friend and everybody gets the giggles over that. The bastard should go to jail just like the next guy. I personally think its a bunch of shit.

  • Does he deserve prison time?  Yes he does!  But, to play devil’s advocate (and this coming from someone who doesn’t have a child)…  I read the article and leads me to wonder–did he know her age at the time of the incident?  Did she lie about her age at the time?  I know the laws vary from state to stage, but was it consensual (and maybe 14 doesn’t even fall under those guidelines)?

  • 1 – at that age the difference is gross
    2 – he KNOWS she is jailbait

    Idiot needs to learn a lesson so he doesn’t think lightly of the law for the rest of his life.  10 years may be a bit too much, I’d say 2-3

  • how much you wanna bet she wanted it?

  • As a mother, my instinct says to skip jail, and just dip him in a hot tub of lye and wash him down a drain.  Problem solved.

    If he knew (and I’m going to guess he was well aware) then, yes, lock his pedophile arse up.  A 14 year old does NOT have the mental ability to make this kind of decision, no matter what that 14 year old may think… that’s why there are laws.  And there is a reason this guy is attracted to little girls – probably because they are easy to impress, easy to manipulate, and because girls his own age aren’t interested.  Here, in MN, the law says that if one of the parties is under the age of 17, and the age difference is more than 24 months, it is prosecutable.  And when my daughter was 16, that is exactly what I told the 21 year old who wanted to date her.  She was mad – really mad – at me for a nano-second… she got over it.

  • He looks like a creeper.

  • Wow, he looks like a creeper.

  • @bluecai22 - Yes, he would have to register as a sex offender. And I personally was 18, almost 19 when I lost my virginity, and he was also of legal age…so I can answer your question “who here hasn’t participated in statutory rape/molestation of a child”  with I haven’t!.

  • The law is the law.  Your article really doesn’t give many specifics but most of them plead down to a lesser charge anyway.

    If the age of consent is 16 then he’s got problems for sure…besides, what on earth is someone his age doing interested in a girl her age anyway?  
    Was it once or more, for example.  Was it rape?  Was the girl consenting?  You do know that it happens all the time where the parents do not approve of a boy their daughter is seeing and have charges pressed, right?  I think they are right to do so.
    The bottom line is that children should not be having sex.  Those are feelings and emotions they are not really mature enough to handle, to be honest.  Some of us adults still aren’t equipped for it!

  • The article says he can receive up to 10 years in jail if convicted. I trust the jury will hear the case and the judge will give the appropriate sentence if convicted.

  • I don’t think he deserves 10 years but he should definitely serve time. He is disgusting. He knows what it’s like to be 14. A 19 year old and a 14 year old are at two completely different stages in their lives, so I see this as him taking advantage of her naivete. Poor girl. She has it all wrong.

  • im 18 my boyfriends 22.. i was 17, and he was 22 , but i guess it diff then 14 lol

  • If you do the crime, whether or not you believe it is a crime, you gotta be willing to do the time.

  • If she consented, no.
    If she didn’t then yes it’s rape.
    I was having sex at 14 with a guy who was 17 & another who was 18 about to be 19.
    Does that make them “child rapists.”
    No, it does not, because I consented, they never forced me to have sex with them.
    It’s all about consent in my eyes.

  • There are well developed counties in the world where the legal age of consent is 15 years old. Having sex with a 14 year old girl might be a tad bit immoral, but I don’t think he’s a bona fide sex offender. After all, he’s still a teenager himself. Sending this kid to get raped in prison for 10 years is not, by any standards, a fair punishment for him having bi-consensual sex with a 14 year old girl. Fuck lady law and all her blindness, this kid didn’t do anything criminal.

  • It DEPENDS a lot. 14 year old girls are very horny and go as far as to lie about their age in order to get an older boyfriend to show off to their friends and boast about having sex with them.
    So don’t say throw him in jail, at least ask for the details, because if you realized some girls that age go around praying on ugly older men who don’t have a chance with girls their age and judging by the photo (which may or may not be him) I’d say this was the case.

  • Disgusting, Seriously? but what if it was the other way around? meaning, that the girl was 19 and the boy was14? Can someone please answer my question. It would help alot. I’m doing a project on rape in school. Thanks.

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