June 27, 2013

  • How Gay Marriage Ruined My Marriage

    Our marriage was going so well.  (This is a repost but I thought it was relevant for today).

    We had what some would call the perfect marriage.  Sure we had fights like the time I had to punch her for not washing the dishes correctly.  She does have a dish washing machine.  There were the late nights at the bar.  There were the drugs and the alcohol.  There was the minor incident with the hot secretary.
    But we had a great marriage.  We had the marriage everyone else wanted.
    Then the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage.
    Now our marriage is falling apart.  How could they redefine marriage as we know it?
    Thanks Supreme Court for destroying my marriage.

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  • this line of reasoning is irrelevant to whether same sex marriage is right or wrong. essentially what it says is “who cares about right or wrong, other people are wrong, so it doesn’t matter.”  

    this line of reasoning is why the world is going to shit and why it just keeps going further. 

  • @iones_island - It is relevant to the argument that same-sex marriage must be prohibited in order to protect and “defend” marriage as a whole. 

  • Thank you for reposting :)

  • LOL!!! I got a good laugh out of that one. 

  • Put the blame where it belongs. The Supreme Court didn’t destroy your marriage; the broken dishwasher destroyed your marriage.

  • @nyclegodesi24 - no more relevant than saying that breathing masks are unnecessary for deadly airborne diseases because someone is shooting at you. just in case that makes no sense to you, you have two(alleged) threats to your physical life(marriage), disease(gay marriage) and physical assault(these other things). you can argue that the air is clean, and there is no disease and that can be a valid thing to debate, but remove gay marriage from the argument, would you say that abuse is no threat to marriage because there is adultery? it’s absurd. 

  • LOL you nailed this, great post!!! 

  • I heard them liberals and queers was gonna start forcing non fag school kids into arranged gay fag marriages thru them same affirmative action programs that gave my promotion down at the factory to a black. Now my foreman’s a colored and my son’s gonna be forced to be holy matrimonized up his shit pipe by some kid on his little league team, prolly that queerbo in right field with the glasses and the asthma. That shit be unnatural, like the good book says god made Adam and Eve not Adam n ‘ Steve.

  • lolololol. I support gay marriage because we’re all equal and it’s natural….and it’s none of my damn business!

  • We’re here! We fear! We don’t like you cuz you’re queer!

  • @SKANLYN - the “good book” also says that snakes can talk and the dead come back to life after a certain number of days.


     i don’t see why anyone bothers with the government. marriage is a religious institution. why the hell does the government have any say about religious institutions in a country where the government is constitutionally required to stay out of religious affairs?

  • @Shadowrunner81 - all i can say about that is that we queers dont like you either.

  • @LauraDeLuna - But more importantly it says men who lie with men be an abomination and women that lie with women be the same, ‘less they hot like Britney spears n’ that teen mom porno girl.

  • @SKANLYN - well then i guess im gonna have to go get stoned because i definitely do not look like britney spears.

  • @SKANLYN - I would be hard pressed to show if Adam and Steve came before Adam and Eve because they didn’t have any children….However a lot of “gay” Bible scholars want to show that David had an unusual sex life….

  • @LauraDeLuna - You’ll be fine darlin’, long as you ain’t all manly like that Ellen Degenerate. 

  • @SKANLYN - aw damn i was kind of getting used to the whole stoned idea.

  • Those gays… how could they tear apart your marriage… atrocious. They probably redefined it too. It must be super difficult to be in a marriage where there is no definition.

  • @SKANLYN - you know…. if i cant have raunchy lesbian sex and i cant use “medicinal”  drugs… what the hell can i do?

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  • That gay marriage will somehow ruin anyone’s marriage is a straw man argument.

    That gay marriage is ridiculous is obvious.  

    That people can no longer discern the obvious does not bode well for our civilization.

  • @LauraDeLuna -  I said that in reference to what the straights would chant. If you knew me you would know I’m asexual.

  • I don’t support gay marriage, but not because I think it can harm traditional marriage. I’m against it because it is tantamount to saying that our politicians care more about buying votes and perpetuating their positions of power than they do being the leaders they were elected to be and discouraging behaviour that is detrimental to individuals and society as a whole. In purely legal, constitutional terms, I think its about time for the SCOTUS rulings that came down yesterday. They were just decisions based on the Constitution, a flawed document though it is, and on the scale of man’s justice. But that scale in a weighted scale, man’s justice is a perverted justice, and it will never supercede the law of God. SCOTUS will make many more decisions in the future, but none of them will change the truth, and none of them will change the fact that I know it.

  • @AOK4WAY - Well, seeing as how not all of us are sufferers of the mental illness otherwise known as “religion” damn straight they ruled the correct way in terms of the US Constitution. Take your Holey Babble and shove it up your ass. It doesn’t apply to those of us who regard it as pure fiction. 

  • @secretbeerreporter - Oh I bet you’d LOVE my three most recent entries then! Those would be entry number one, entry number two, and entry number three. Thank you very much

  • @AOK4WAY - Very funny. Just goes to show that your “God” is a fucking asshole not deserving of worship, praise, or adoration, but of scorn and ridicule. If your “God” does exist, I think I’d rather go to hell and spend eternity away from a being I find so absolutely repulsive it makes me sick to even read about. 

    Of course, seeing as how your “God” was invented by powerful men as a means of controlling the masses, I haven’t anything to worry about. My favorite saying to that scope is “in the beginning man created God in his own image.” It’s so true too. 

  • @secretbeerreporter - Hey man, my God took all that and more, and he didn’t raise his voice once against the people who did it to him. He took it straight to the cross, and as they executed the son of God, he prayed for them. Now if he did that for them, and for me, and for you, alll of which is true, do you really expect me, his disciple, to do anything less?

    May the Living God have mercy and grant you the same grace he has granted me. If you think you’re a spectacle, you should have known me 20 years ago. He did it for me, the God-hating despiser of not only mankind, but of all creation. Yup. He’ll do it for you too, if that’s what his will is. It isn’t for me to judge, but I wish you well and pray that he’ll turn a merciful eye on you. Today, tomorrrow, whenever. To everything there is a season. Peace

  • @iones_island - why do you hate america? 

  • What the gays did to you was wrong.  Why do they hate America and puppies?

  • I found a cave with a spring fed lake in the back of it….I’m gonna pack a picnic lunch and go there and not come out until the government gets it’s priorities in order  who marries who is none of my business is what I think.  Also I agree with Melinda, I think it was the dishwasher too.

  • When I was a little kid my brother and I took baths together sometimes.  Once he asked me to pass the soap, and I said, “I’m not a typewriter.”

  • Lazy woman for using a dishwasher machine. REAL women wash dishes by hand, and perfectly!

  • @Shadowrunner81 - you really think you have to explain that to me?

  • *chuckles*  Thanks for posting this, Dan. I needed a laugh. 

  • I was just telling a group of people yesterday that it won’t take anything away from them.

    They all just looked at me.

  • Lol oh man. I was raised southern baptist and was totally against gay marriage until I realized that my mom (she was married twice to men that beat her and us and came out 9 years ago as a lesbian) is happier with her gf than she ever was with a husband and that’s really all that matters to me. The rest is none of my business or anyone else’s which, sadly, is not something the rest of my family (along with a ton of other folks) have figured out yet.

  • Hmm.. heterosexual relationships fail b/c the participants love getting their own way, love their own vices & indulgences, lust after other partners, far, far more than they love their partners. Obviously the solution to this is that more people have to becomes obsessed with getting their own way, loving their own vices & indulgences, and lusting after other partners.

    Right.  That makes a lot of sense.  The problem isn’t that some people are being held back from getting what they lust after.  The problem is that we as a culture do not understand the meaning of loving anyone but ourselves, of filling any needs but our own.  We also search desperately for anything (whether material goods, sexual partners, whatever) that we think may fill up that void in our lives.  We love things and use people and then wonder why we’re not as happy as we want to be.
    Note: in no way am I suggesting that the solution to the lack of true love is to start hating on others and saying that their pet lusts are worse than mine.  I’m saying that we all need to forsake our lusts.
    Gay marriage is like a canary in a coal mine.  When the canary is dead we ought to all realise that we are all in danger.  We need to attack the root problem which is a confusion between love and lust.

  • @LauraDeLuna - If the government didn’t give tax breaks for marriage and legal rights to spouses then I’d be fine with marriage being considered solely a religious issue. However, there are massive state and federal benefits for married couples and saying that one group of people can have benefits while the other can’t is discrimination.

  • @AnyasFriendMe - i think youre the one confused as to what you are replying to…

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