Month: November 2012

  • Your Best Sport

    I played basketball when I was young.  I wrestled for three years in high school.

    I played and beat 20 different people on 20 different boards in chess at one time.  (I know chess is not a sport).
    I think my best sport was baseball.
    What is your best sport?
  • When Your Spouse Does Porn

    I was reading an article about a guy who found out his wife did 10-20 porn videos before they met.

    They have been married five years.
    The guy is upset to know his wife was in porn and he is not sure if he can continue in the relationship.  Here is the link:  Link
    Could you marry someone who once did 10-20 porn videos?
  • Your Favorite Blogger

    Who is your favorite blogger on xanga?
  • My New iPod

    My wife bought me a new iPod for my birthday.  She put about 20 songs on my iPad with a bias toward the 80s.

    So I have Debbie Gibson “I Get Lost in Your Eyes.”  My sons added a few of their songs so I have Kanye West “So Amazing.”  I have Pink with “Glitter in the Air.”  I have a few Lady Gaga songs I am going to add.
    Name one song I should add to my iPod.
  • My Birthday

    I am turning 41 in a few hours. I am traveling so I have not had time to contemplate how old I am getting.


    If I live to be 78, I am taking serious years into the second half of my life.

    I read somewhere that they asked people at what age do they think they are becoming old and women on average answered “29″ while men answered on average sixty something.

    At what age would you consider yourself old?

  • Contractions

    Shimmerbodycream told me that when I text I never use contractions.

    Do you use text speech when you text?

  • Ipod

    For Christmas this year, I want an iPod. I can’t think of anything else I want.


    What do you want for Christmas?

  • Where is Home?

    I am currently in Northwest Indiana.


    In a touching moment, my one younger brother asked me to play catch with him. We are so much older now but we walked outside and threw the football around and talked about life just like when we were kids.

    I just listened as he talked about what was going on.

    I have had so many childhood memories pour into my brain.

    Northwest Indiana is home for me.

    Where is your home?

  • Describe Me


    Describe me in one word.

  • Would Christmas Be Better Without the Gifts?

    About 45% of Americans say they would rather skip Christmas.  One of the main reasons is the financial strain Christmas brings.
    People borrow money or put gifts on credit cards that they feel they can’t afford.  Here is the link:  Link
    Do you think Christmas would be better without the gifts?