Month: December 2012

  • True Religion Jeans

    My oldest son wants me to buy him a pair of “True Religion” jeans.

    They cost between $150 to $300 per pair.  Most of the good ones are around $300.
    What is the most you would pay for a pair of jeans?
  • Snapchat

    Snapchat is a photo messaging application that allows users to take photos of themselves and send to their friends.  The photos disappear in ten seconds.  Here is the link:  Link

    I am still trying to figure out a practical purpose for the app.
    Would you ever use snapchat?
  • Favorite Author

    Who is your favorite author?
  • Running Over a Turtle

    A student at Clemson University was putting together a project to try and help turtles get across the road without getting run over.  
    He put a realistic-looking rubber turtle in the road and found that people tried to run the turtle over on purpose.  Here is the link:  Link
    If you saw a turtle in the road, would you try and run it over?
  • The Disappearing Father

    I was reading an article about how fathers are dropping out of the lives of their children at an alarming rate.  
    According to the article, 1 in 3 children in the U.S. live without a father.  Here is the link: Link
    I always felt fortunate that my father was not only living with us, but he always did stuff with us and made us feel loved.  I always felt it was such an advantage in life.
    Was your father present for you?
  • Les Miserables

    My wife and I saw Les Miserables tonight (I hope you pronounced that correctly in your mind).
    Here were some of the movies playing:
    1.  Les Miserables  (Pretty good)
    2.  The Guilt Trip  (It was alright)
    3.  The Hobbit
    4.  Rise of the Guardians
    5.  Lincoln (Pretty good)
    6.  This is 40
    7.  Jack Reacher
    8.  Life of Pi (This looks stupid at another level).
    9.  Django Unchained (This was really good).
    10.  Parental Guidance
    11.  Red Dawn
    If you were at the movies, which movie would you want to see?
  • Merry Christmas

    We went over to the in-laws today and opened gifts.   We really don’t have much planned for tomorrow.  We will open gifts at our house and then we are going to the movie “Les Miserables.”

    I hope you all have a Merry Christmas.
    What are you doing for Christmas?
  • Gun Porn Trigger Alert

    I love having “who is hottest contest” and since so many people are passionate about their guns, I thought we would do one tonight.

    1. Colt .44
    2.  Colt 1873 (This is one for the older crowd)
    3.  Glock
    4.  Pink Gun
    5.  M16 (This is the gun we used in the military when I was in years ago).
    6. M60 Machine Gun
    7.  STA-11 Submachine gun (for those who say I never add photos of the fat ones).
    8.  Suicide Gun 
    Imagine you were giving a free trip to the shooting range for Christmas.
    Which gun would you want to try out?
  • My Blind Date

    I only went on one blind date.  It was back when I was 17 years old.  

    I had a friend who wanted me to go on a double date.  He wanted me to take his new girlfriend’s best friend.  I told him I would find my own date but he insisted I take her.  I wanted to see her photo first and he promised me he would get it and yet I never saw her photo.
    I walked up to the door and she walked out.  I was superficial back then but I thought she was ugly.  I took her on the date.  I am not sure I ever made eye contact with her.  
    I walked her up to the door and she told me it was the best night of her life.  I felt bad about the whole thing so I kissed her.
    Have you ever been on a blind date?
  • Adam Lanza’s Hair

    So apparently we are supposed to be talking about Adam Lanza’s hair.  Although some people don’t like the idea because they think it humanizes the killer.

    So what do you think . . 
    Hot or not?