Month: April 2013

  • Pudgy Cheerleader

    A female has come under fire for mentioning that some people think a cheerleader had “pudginess around her waistline.

    Here is the cheerleader:
    She asked in her article:  Is this chick too chunky to be a cheerleader?  Here is the link:  Link
    Is this chick too chunky to be a cheerleader?
  • Eating Habits

    As I have been on my journey to lose weight, I have taken care to eat better food.

    It has become obvious to me that people who are skinny eat differently than those who are overweight.  As I look around the office, the skinny people clearly eat less food.
    It is so tempting to eat junk food every day.  It is as if the whole World is at war against us eating healthy.  There is the ice cream truck that comes past work.  There is the food truck that comes past work.  People bring us garbage that we can eat.  We have a coke machine right outside my working area.
    Do you eat healthy?
  • Are Lesbians More Accepted than Gays?

    I was just reading an article that asked “Are lesbians more accepted than gays?”  Here is the link:  Link  I tend to think they are.

    Why are we more accepting of this. . 
    than we are of this?
  • What Hurts More: Child Birth or Being Kicked in the Balls?

    I was reading an article that was leading the discussion of what hurts more, women in child birth or men who have been kicked in the balls.  Here is the link:  Link

    I tend to think that women tend to be over dramatic about pain and that childbirth is probably not that bad.
    What hurts more:  Child birth or being kicked in the balls?
  • The Placement of Your Tattoo

    I was reading an article about the places where women tend to put tattoos.  

    According to the article, many women like to put tattoos on their lower back or the back of their neck.  This will allow them to hide them when they want.  Here is the link:  Link

    If you were getting a tattoo, where would you want to put it?
  • Shooting a Gun

    I am wondering if most people who are in favor of gun control are simply people who have never shot a gun.

    Perhaps they do not want guns because they do not have guns themselves.
    Have you ever shot a gun?
  • Your Ideal Weight

    I think my ideal weight would be 220 pounds.

    What would be your ideal weight?
  • Mom Refuses to Give Kidney

    I know this guy who is about to give up his kidney for his friend.

    He told me his friend needed the kidney and his mom was a match. After finding out she was a match, the mother refused to give her kidney for her adult son. I must admit I immediately thought she was a horrible mom.

    Do you think she is a horrible mom for refusing to give her son her kidney?

  • Why Are We Committing Suicide?

    More Americans are committing suicide than are dying in car accidents.

    In fact, I was just reading an article that mentioned the increase in the suicide rate and also how Americans are reporting an increase in stress.  Here is the link:  Link
    Why do you think we are committing suicide?
  • Born Evil

    I am of the belief that some people are just born evil.  I know.  The Christian faith teaches that we are born into sin.  But that is not what I am talking about.  I am saying there are certain people that are just bad.

    They murder.  They hurt.  The do things without regard to how it hurts others.  The Boston Marathon is just one example of this.
    Do you think some people are born evil?