Month: February 2013

  • When Your Boss Calls You Stupid

    One of my wife’s bosses called her stupid the other day.  She mentioned it tonight.  I told her, “He called you stupid three days ago and you are still thinking about it today.”

    My wife said, “Of course.  If your boss called you stupid, you would be upset.”  I said, “I doubt it.”
    Would you quit if your boss called you stupid?
  • So You Think You Can Dance

    I have never been a good dancer.  I am your typical 6’4″ guy who just does not move quickly.

    I went to the Father Daughter Dance with my daughter.  60-70% of the fathers stood off to the side while their daughters danced.
    Not me.  I jumped into the middle of the circle and danced.  There were some other fathers there with me.  They just followed whatever the kids were doing and played along.
    I am sure I looked odd but who cares.  I don’t know any of them anyway.
    Are you a good dancer?
  • Cure For Depression

    Now I have noticed that half of xanga is in serious depression.  I see suicidal posts.  I see posts about sadness and posts where people act as if their lives are over at 25.

    Now some people use medication.  Others just get out and do something with friends.  Some people eat.  Other people sleep.
    What is the best cure for depression?
  • How Attractive Are You

    Recently I was sitting with a group of people and one woman said she on a scale of 1 to 10, she was a 3.  I would have put her as a 6.

    Then another woman declared she was a 5 and I would have put her as an 8.  A guy suggested he was an 8. Another guy said he was a 9.  It is funny that the guys rated themselves higher than the women.
    On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate yourself?
  • Oscar: Best Film

    Tonight everyone is talking about the Oscars.

    Here are the nominees for Best Picture
    1.  Amour
    2.  Argo
    3.  Beasts of the Southern Wild
    4.  Django Unchained
    5.  Les Miserables
    6.  Life of Pi
    7.  Lincoln
    8.  Silver Linings Playbook
    9.  Zero Dark Thirty
    Which movie do you think deserves to win Best Picture of the Year?
  • Working from Home

    The CEO of Yahoo has put an end to the policy of workers working from home.  Some of their workers were allowed to work from home if they were not close to one of the company’s offices.  Here is the link:  Link

    Do you think you have the discipline to work from home?
  • Americans Love Fake Boobs

    Americans have made it so that breast implants are the second most popular plastic surgery in the World.  There were 316,848 breast implant surgeries in the U.S. in 2011.  Here is the link:  Link
    Have you ever wanted to get breast implants?
  • Father and Daughter Dance

    So I am going to a father and daughter dance tomorrow.

    My wife told me about it a month ago.  My response was “I don’t want to go. I have always thought they were creepy.”  I walked around the corner and my daughter heard what I said.  She said, “You don’t have to go if you don’t want to.  I can go with grandpa.”  This made me feel like crap.
    So I told her, “No.  I want to go.  I will take you.”
    I remember all of those home school balls years ago where daughters would pledge to their dads they would keep their virginity.  So that was my general impression.  
    But my wife said these are different and everyone is going.
    So tomorrow I am going.
    Father and Daughter dances:  Cute or Creepy?
  • Women Talk Too Much

    I hate to say this but women talk too much.  According to a study, women speak about 20,000 words a day and men speak about 13,000.  Here is the link:  Link

    Do women talk more than men?
  • The Best Way To Avoid Rape

    The University of Colorado has put out a memo that will help women to avoid rape.
    The school suggested to women that if a man attempts to rape them, they should vomit, urinate are tell the man they are menstruating.  Here is the link:  Link
    A lawmaker in Colorado suggested that instead of using a gun, women should use a whistle to avoid rape.   Here is the link:  Link
    1.  Vomiting
    2.  Urinating
    3.  Telling him you are menstruating 
    4.  Blowing Whistle
    5.  Gun
    Which do you think will best help a woman avoid rape?