Month: March 2013

  • Jesus

    According to the Bible, Jesus was raised from the dead.

    (I love white Jesus photos that make Him look American).
    Do you believe Jesus was raised from the dead?
  • I Like the New Pope

    I must admit I like the new Pope.

    He washed the feet and kissed the feet of two women at a juvenile detention center.  Here is the link:  Link
    Some people hate him for this because he is a man and he broke some rule about washing the feet of women.
    But he comes across as a humble guy.  I think he is a keeper.
    Do you like the new pope?
  • Oral Sex and Bacon

    There is good news ladies.  You can now get bacon flavored condoms.  J&D’s Food has released condoms that taste like bacon.  Here is the link:  Link

    Just imagine the taste of bacon in your mouth.
    It caused me to think of other flavors for condoms.
    Ladies, what would be the best food for use on a condom?
  • Superficially Attractive

    Some people will claim they are attractive but they will include their personality.

    They may talk about some of their good qualities that add to their beauty.
    But this is the wrong way to judge attractiveness.  We should do it based on looks alone.
    So by “superficially attractive” I mean judging only by your looks.
    Are you superficially attractive?
  • Is Gay Marriage Unconstitutional

     The Supreme Court heard arguments today that might forever impact gay marriage in the U.S.  Here is the link:  Link

    I must admit I am having a hard time understanding why the Supreme Court would not make gay marriage legal.
    There is nothing in the constitution forbidding gay marriage.  Even if you have a belief system that teaches that gay marriage is wrong, the Supreme Court should not take your feeling or belief into consideration.  
    I am not sure why this is not a cut and dry case.  Popular opinion is not relevant.  
    Is gay marriage unconstitutional?
  • Why Do Some Older Men Prefer To Date Younger Women?

    I was reading an article by a woman with a doctorate degree who was wondering why some older men prefer to date younger women.
    She mentioned a guy friend who was in his 40s who was in love with a woman who was 24.  Here is the link:  Link
    Why do some older men prefer to date younger women?
  • The Easter Bunny

    I never believed in the Easter Bunny.  My parents always told me the truth and just told me not to tell anyone else.

    I am sort of amazed at how long some kids go without figuring it out themselves.  
    How old were you when you figured out the Easter Bunny wasn’t real?
  • Friends For Life

    In the old days, it felt like you could make a friend and keep that friend for life.

    (A cute photo of kittens would be here if xanga photos was working).
    I made friends with a guy in 5th grade.  We did everything together.  We played baseball.  We played football.  We matched our classes together.  We were the best man in each other’s wedding.
    We met up recently and we had not lost a step.  We evolved and were functionally doing the same job but in different industries.
    But I don’t see most of my relationships the same way now.  It is hard to imagine keeping any of my friends for life now.  It feels that way on the internet.  I mean, one day xanga will not exist.  How practical is it that we stay in contact?
    But even relationships at work feel the same way.  If I move jobs, I will probably not keep the same friends.
    Is it still possible to make friends for life?
  • My Turn On

    I guess everyone is giving their turn ons.  Mine is pretty obvious for anyone who has read my site.  My biggest turn on is intelligence.

    What is your biggest turn on?
  • Huffing

    A 14-year-old girl died while huffing a can of compressed-air computer keyboard cleaner in order to get high.  Here is the link:  Link

    People are talking about it being sad because she was a straight A student (if only this had happened to a B to C student it would all be ok).
    Have you ever tried huffing?