Month: June 2013

  • Gay Pride Parade

    There was a gay pride parade in our area today.

    Would you ever march in a gay pride parade?
  • Flirting

    Would your best friends describe you as a flirt?
  • Driving Traffic To Your Website

    I have been thinking about writing a few posts.  

    One would be about how to drive traffic to your website.  It is funny because most people don’t realize it but a person could still get their xanga site to grow to 100,000 footprints a week.  It would take about 2 hours a day.
    I thought about showing everyone how to grow a wordpress site.  Wordpress drives traffic to user sites like xanga did back in 2005.  So a person could grow their wordpress site to 200-400 comments per post if they gave the effort.  It would take about 2 hours a day.
    But then I thought it might be better to just write a post about how to grow their website so they could make money.  
    Both posts would take me hours to write and would probably not even be read.
    Which would you rather read?
    1.  How to drive traffic to a website?
    2.  How to make money off a website?
    3.  Boobs?
  • How Gay Marriage Ruined My Marriage

    Our marriage was going so well.  (This is a repost but I thought it was relevant for today).

    We had what some would call the perfect marriage.  Sure we had fights like the time I had to punch her for not washing the dishes correctly.  She does have a dish washing machine.  There were the late nights at the bar.  There were the drugs and the alcohol.  There was the minor incident with the hot secretary.
    But we had a great marriage.  We had the marriage everyone else wanted.
    Then the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage.
    Now our marriage is falling apart.  How could they redefine marriage as we know it?
    Thanks Supreme Court for destroying my marriage.
  • Advice to the Opposite Sex

    Here is your moment.  You can speak to the opposite sex and give them your best advice.

    What one piece of advice do you want to give to the opposite sex?
  • Your Last Xanga Post

    I have noticed that some people are planning their last xanga post.  A few people have posted about it.

    Have you planned your last xanga post?
  • Monsters University

    Imagine you are going to see a movie and the following movies are playing:
    1.  Iron Man 3 
    2.  Man of Steel 
    3.  Monsters University 
    4.  Fast & Furious 6 
    5.  Epic 
    6.  World War Z 
    7.  After Earth 
    8.  Now You See Me 
    9.  Hangover Part III 
    10.  This Is The End 
    11.  Internship 
    12.  Monsters University 3D 
    13.  Purge 
    Which movie would you see?
  • The Best Year of Xanga

    Sometimes you will read on xanga as someone describes a better time on xanga.  Some people will talk about xanga before it got popular.  Others will talk about the good old days when xanga was at its most popular point. 

    Still others liked xanga after it declined in popularity because they feel like all the “stupid people left.”  
    It is funny because I recently started a group on facebook called “xangaforever” and we quickly had 1000 members.  So many of the people that left are on that group.  It reminded me of people I missed but also reminded me of the “stupid people” that left.
    I loved the years 2005 because it was so active on xanga but I also remember the trolls were really horrible back then.
    What was the best time of your stay on xanga?
  • Ex-Gay Pride Month

    July is Ex-Gay Pride Month. It is the month for people who were once gay but are now straight (Apparently they are a persecuted group). Here is the link: Link


    If you think about it, people have changes in their taste all the time.

    Is it possible for a person’s sexual orientation to change over time?

  • Natural Leader

    Some people always appear to get promoted at work. They have a natural leadership. People always follow them.


    Are you a natural leader?